Car part shock

GMC 2017 Acadia limited. So there I was putting on the last bungie cord before backing the boat into the weeds for the winter. Started to drizzle so I went in to wait it out. It turned into a 3 inch storm. Passenger window was down, and must have fried the board. Hair dryer etc. no good. Dealer price for the switch $245. Rock Auto $179. Shell Shocked i am!

And the junk yard price?

I prefer new, thanks for the thought.

Prices are only going to get worse…

And parts are dropping in quality.

What board did you fry?

Shortage of chips is driving everything up .

The passenger window control is the only thing that does not work. Driver side control goes through that switch. A bud looked it up said it was in stock for $179

That switch may be a control module that needs to be programmed to work properly, GM did that with windows for a few years. Take a picture of the part number decal on the original part.

Is it only the passenger side switch that isn’t working? Does passenger window go up & down ok using the driver’s side switch?

As I said bud checked it out, driver side goes through passenger side switch. Got to pull the door panel to get info.

OK so 2 years ago we purchased the extended warranty on the used vehicle, $1400 good for 5 year 100 k miles. Dealer called today, how many miles? 33k or so. $245 switch in, said it will be covered and I have to pay $100 deductible. Incredible!

Do you find the $100 switch-replacement fee incredibly inexpensive? Or incredibly expensive b/c the of the initial cost for the extended warranty? No experience w/extended warranties myself, but the $100 fee seems within reason.

Just saying the switch alone is $245, then they have to remove the door panel to replace the switch. Sure everyone says extended warranties suck, so 3 more years to go to break even. Sure I will probably lose money, but I sleep better!

Yeah, that does seem a little steep for a single switch. Supply and demand I guess. Or maybe it’s the Golden Rule: Whoever has the gold, makes the rules … lol …

Or so few are sold the seller needs to make every penny possible on the ones that are sold.

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It is more than just a switch, it is a window control module and a door lock switch.

My current DVD player is priced around $45 retail, contains several switches, actuators, sensors, electric motors, and very complicated computerized electronics and software. There must be more to explain the $245 price for the part than the included window-control and door lock module electronics package. I expect part of the explanation is that not nearly as many of these electronic-switches are sold compared to DVD players, so the development cost, which may be in the millions of dollars, can’t be shared among as many purchasers.

Here’s an idea: To save on parts development costs, all vehicle manufacturers agree to use the same part? Anybody see that happening? … lol …

There is a lot of markup in auto parts, MSRP is $220.

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Walmart probably doesn’t need to maintain a 60% gross profit margin on sales to keep the doors open. A decent auto repair facility does.

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True enough, auto parts vendors incur a big expense keeping a stock of all the various needed repair parts. If the number of unique repair parts required were lower, seems like that might help.

I actually have two DVD players, one in storage for when the current one breaks … lol …