Door handle/door switch, 97 Camry

Need an opinion from you experts…

We took our 1997 Camry in for a replacement on our driver’s door handle; it broke off with only a tiny piece left probably due to weathering. The Toyota dealership replaced the door handle and everything looked good to go when we left. About two weeks after, we rolled down the front passenger’s window and realized we have a problem.

It takes several attempts with the driver’s control panel to get the front passenger’s window to come up. And the front passenger’s control panel/switch doesn’t move the window at all. The other windows work fine fron the front panel.

We took our car back to the dealership thinking the problem has to do with the work on the door handle. The dealership diagnosed the problem and said “the left front window switch is bad”. They say it’s not related to the early work on the front left door handle. We also paid $50.00 for the diagnose!

Our question: is the front door handle repair not related to the “bad” switch? The dealership estimates $472.41 to repair the control panel switch!

Thanks for the help.

Dirty switch contacts is a common source of this kind of trouble. They can be taken apart and cleaned but you have to be careful when doing that. There are springs inside that tend to fly out. If you do that I suggest you place the switch in a clear plastic bad and work on it so if parts do fly they won’t go far. You could also try replacing the switch on the passenger side with one of the others to see if that clears the trouble. You may be able to find some replacements at a salvage yard.

Cougar, I’ve been reading posted questions and replies on this problem. I’m not good with this kind of repairs. If it requires replacement then I guess we just have to live with this incovenience. We can’t afford to sink that much money into this old car. Thanks for helping.

Changing out the switch panel isn’t real difficult and a used panel shouldn’t cost very much from a salvage yard but I understand how you feel. Your welcome for the help.