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2002 Audi A4 - Switch fail

power window switches failed. The drivers’ window does not work at all. ALL OTHER WINDOWS ONLY OPERABLE FROM DRIVERS SWITCH.

Eighteen years old, stuff wears out.

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Why are you so surprised that things are failing on an 18 year old car?

Do you want to repair it yourself? If so, we can help you figure out how to do it if you need the help.

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Are you just informing us of something that has failed on your vehicle? In that case, my wheel bearings are starting to make noise on my Explorer…and one of my lugs snapped the other day… I mean…since we are reporting in on random failures, I’m certain I am leaving a few things out but… I can always update later.

For your Audi A4? It is usually the drivers side cluster switch in the driver door that develops some type of a mechanical failure inside of it. Do yourself a favor and just replace the drivers door 4 in one switch and it should solve your problem.

Unless of course you want to repair it yourself and feel like opening it up, it is certainly possible to fix as I have repaired several of those assemblies in the past, just for fun. If you do decide to open it up…beware…there are small parts inside that will want to jump out and escape… Small pieces of copper, ball bearings, small springs…all kinds of small items (some that are spring loaded) that love to jump out and disappear before they even hit the ground. You are better off buying a new switch assy and just plugging her in.

Yup, been there done that with varying success while looking for a replacement.

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Good to know. Just another vehicle I now know to avoid. I’m not dealing with repairs on an only 18 year old car.