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Wiper motor delema

I ahve a 2000 Buick regal and when I turn off the wipers they will go down like they are suposed to but then instead of parking in the down position they return to the strait up and down position. They will run in all the speeds but will not park at the end. Does anyone know what I should do to fix this?

There’s probably a problem with the wiper motor pulse board. Known problem on GM’s.


Thanks. Do you know if I need to change the whole motor? Do you think it is a job the average guy could do or is it a job I should take to the dealer?

Here’s what one of these look like. They usually come with instructions on how to change them out.


Thanks, I will check it out someone told me that in this car the pulseboard is attached to the motor so I would have to change the whole motor. I will look into it. I hope I can change the pulse board because it seems like it would be easier and cheaper than relacing the whole motor. thanks for your time.

I changed the motor and the pulsebosrd out and now it parks in the correct spot but when I put it on delay it pauses at the top instead of the bottom. I thought it was a bad motor but I then got a new on e and it did the same thing. Can anyone help?

The delay control must be seperate from the motor. I’m not sure if it’s in the switch or if it’s a remote module, probably near the fuse/relay panel.

I think you’ve got the linkage installed upside down somehow. Try and find a similar car and check your work. On jobs like this its always a good idea to take pictures of things as you take them apart so you put them together the same way. Digital cameras are great for this.

When you changed out the motor were the wipers in the up position? If so, then that may be your trouble. The delay mode is out of the proper starting position. You will have to disconnect the motor place the wipers in the proper position before reconnecting the motor shaft.