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Wipers will not park. stay up when turned off

What causes… wipers will not park. stay up when turned off. !998 Buick Centruy Custom

Also have oil in the water. How hard is it to replace the intake gasket?

It sounds like the park switch has got out of sync somehow. You may be able to get inside the motor and see what happened or just replace it.

If you have oil in the water, your wipers are the least of your problems. Another wiper motor will fix that. The lower intake gasket is probably the other culprit. How good are you with a wrench? Several actually. It’s probably an afternoon’s work. Get a good manual and have at it.

Suggest you live the wipers. Not that easy to fix, and some money for parts. DIY won’t be too pricey if you can get salvage yard wiper motor.

Since the motor needs major work, oil in the coolant is not good at all. Don’t put anything into the wipers until you know if you can spend the $$$ to fix the motor. If you keep running it as is you won’t have much time left on the motor anyway.

There’s a component in the wiper motor called a pulse board. Replace this and the wipers will park properly again. And it’s cheaper than replacing the entire wiper motor.

Replacing the intake gaskets is just a matter of removing the upper plenum and the lower intake manifold. And if you do this, get the updated gaskets from Dorman.