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98 buick windshield wiper motor

my wife’s buick wipers stop working. Motor tried to move the wipers, but they would not go all the way up the windsheild. I’m in the driveway, out of ideas. I started tapping on the motor while i was debating on whether to go buy a new motor. Tried the wipers one more time. They worked. Did tapping fix the problem, or is this just a temporary repair?

There may be a loose connection in the wiring to the motor or there may be a current overload problem and the circuit breaker reset allowing the motor to work again.

Replace the pulse board portion of the wiper motor assembly. It is sold for about $25 at parts stores. Very common problem on this era GM vehicle.

The last time I had a “dead” wiper motor it was just a really dirty electrical connector which I cleaned up & was on my way. Make sure its not as simple as that before doing anything else.

If its not the connector then it is likely the motor & the tapping “fix” will likely be temporary.

It’s the pulse board. TX is right. They are cheap and easy to replace.