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Why is one sign-in attempt too many?

Occasionally when signing into this site a message comes back saying I typed in the wrong password, and I’m not allowed to sign in again. I’m instructed to wait and try again later.

Did I really type in the wrong password, or is this just a message that is displayed whenever there’s a problem with the website and no more users are allowed to sign in ? If the former, it seems like the user should be allowed a couple more attempts before being locked out for a period for typing in the wrong password. If the latter, the message should say that rather than invoke a password typo as the problem.

Sorry, there have been more than 5 failed login attempts for this account. It is temporarily blocked. Try again later or request a new password.
Tried it in another browser, typical technical support question is caps lock on or numlock off?

Tried 1 minute later let me logon. Tried bad passwords for ie logon, got the 5 failed notice. More specifics on OS (operateing system) and browser needed, might be something specific to your computer, not the website.

When I get that message on, it is after the first attempt, not after five. I’m thinking it is used as a generic “log in not allowed at this time” for various technical reasons, not limited to the user typing in the wrong password. I presume they just use that error message wording for whatever reason a user isn’t able to sign in at the time.

I’ve had the same problem…just go to a different browser.

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Huh. Can’t say I’ve ever had this happen. But I doubt there’s something somewhere that says we’ve got too many people logged in so we start locking people out.

Could any of you please give me a sense of how many times this has happened to you?

And to those for whom this applies - do you typically leave yourselves logged in and then you come back having to log in and then get this error? How long does it take to resolve and what steps do you take to do so? Pls give me a sense of the duration involved as well.

Thanks very much.


I have had it happen 2 or 3 times a month it usually take’s about 3 tries to log in.I stay logged in but for some reason it log’s me out.

I get the too many login attempts notice if I try to login to soon after starting my PC and all the little electrons in there have not made it to their assigned places yet. At first I thought the web site was telling me to do something important , like sort my sock drawer.

When logging in, is it at or

For me I have to go to

It’s happened to me dozens of times since the date a year or two ago this site was updated with the new forum software. Not happening every time, but not an uncommon thing either. I always log out when I’m done with a typical 1-2 hour session. I turn off my computer then too. If I get that message initially, I’m usually able to log in after waiting 10-15 minutes. But sometimes I’m not ever able to log in for the remainder of that session. I have to wait until the next day b/c when I try, I keep getting the same message, too many login attempts. One debugging idea, asking some other users to try logging in while purposely typing in the wrong password, & report back if they get that message and are denied in their next attempts to log back in.

I only log in when positioned at the community page. Never tried logging in at the main page,

It happens to me once or twice a week. I start at, then click “community,” then enter username and password, then get the error message. I’ll try to remember to grab a screen shot the next time it happens. It happened today and I just waited 5 minutes and was successful the next try (on the same browser).

If you never sign out of the site–like me–you will rarely–if ever–have a sign-in problem.
I always sign out of financially-related websites, but I don’t see any reason to sign-out of a forum like this, so I have to ask the OP…Why are you signing out from this site?

Maybe I don’t understand. Is there a way to remain signed on with my computer turned off ? Even if I forget to sign off before turning my computer off, the next time I turn it on again I’m no longer signed in. Maybe I’m not doing that correctly?


Here it is:

I then went to, logged in there with username and password, then to ‘community’ then ‘logged in’ there and got right in without re-entering my username and passsord.


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What browser are you using, and have you changed password at all?

I agree, and do exactly the same.

GeorgeSanJose: the server doesn’t know you turned your computer off, it keeps you as logged in.

Thank you, @insightful!

Thank you, @insightful!

I use TenFourFox on an old Mac. I changed my password the first time I got this (months ago), but when it returned in a week or so, I either tried later or changed to Safari (which I don’t like because the “back” arrow doesn’t work right).

Not quite familiar with that breed, but I think your issue might be it is saving an invalid password, and remembering logon failure. Somewhere in settings is saved passwords, if you can find that for the and remove it that is my first thought. second is to find the option to open tab in new page, rather than remember where I left off.

Hope this helps.