Locked out for 3 days

This is the first time I’ve been able to log in for three days. I kept getting a message that there is a problem and I could go no further.

I tried emailing Cartalk, but unless I missed something, when I go to “Contact” they’re not looking for questions about website problems. I left a message but have gotten no response other than acknowledgement of their receipt.

I tried 3 different browsers so that’s not the problem.

I’m guessing others may have had the same problem. The problem is there is no way I know to let people know about it when it is happening.

The thread about log in problems appears to be something different since those people are at least able to get on to the website but it’s probably related in some way.

Sorry if this is not about ‘Repair & Maintenance’ but I thought others might be interested in what happened.

That other thread is about the same problem you had, I could get on using a phone, but not my computer. Seems to be solved now.

Same here, although some posters must have been able to access it since they commented on new questions.

Also had the same problem but it’s fixed now.

Joe, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I wasn’t able to get in through my phone or computer to post that there was a problem. The forum developers were able to fix it this afternoon.

I had the same problem and was only able to log in using my computer in which I was already logged in. I thought I got in trouble for airing my opinion, but it was just a coincidence.

Thank you cdaquila.

I figured that it would be fixed by the experts.

Do you guys/gals still call yourself ‘Cyberbabes’? I am one of the people who joined here in about 1996 when you could ‘Rant & Rave’.

Now all I can do is learn stuff… :slight_smile:

I was experiencing problems for 2 days, but they were easy to work around by just shortening the URL to ‘community.cartalk.com

Could not log in for days, now without doing anything was automatically logged in…looks like they fixed it.

@Joe Guy, yes, I am still a cyberbabe. 1996 was before my time, but I’m sure you can work some rants and raves into all the educational material here.