Why is one sign-in attempt too many?


I have Internet “Exploder” 11 and sometimes I can successfully return to the forum home page with the back button 8 to 10 times then for some reason it will return to my home page.


After I have read a post I click on the Red Car Talk logo to return to the start of latest threads.


That works fine but the back button returned me to the previous location in the topic list and worked perfectly until a few weeks ago.


It does’t work that way on my computer for some reason. Even though I don’t sign off the Car Talk forum site, once I close the browser window & turn the computer off, when I start it up again and return to Car Talk forum, it always requires I sign in again. Doesn’t remember I was already signed in. In fact I just checked to see if I could simply close my browser – keeping the computer turned on – and start up a new browser window. It doesn’t even remember that way. I have to sign back in again. It may have something to do with the way my computer is configured. It’s on some kind of secure virtual network where each browsing session starts with the computer configured afresh.

@insightful 's post above shows the same display I get when the problem happens.


If it’s set to delete cookies when the window closes then you’ll have to log back in every time you close all of the browsers. My work computer saves cookies so I don’t have to sign back in. My home computer does not, so I need to log in every time.


Same here. I’m trying this now: I go to cartalk.com, sign in, THEN go to “community” and click “log in” and I’m here. Hasn’t failed yet, but it’s only been a few days.

EDIT: Forget the above…didn’t work a few minutes ago…back on Safari.


Just an update to the Car Talk IT gurus, this problem continues as of 7.28.2017.


It’s happened to me half a dozen times; the latest a day or so ago.


There should be a configuration setting in your browser for if you want it to delete cookies when the browser closes. Can you find it and share what it’s set to?


Thank you for the posts. We are aware of the problem. It happened to me last week as well. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi all. As an update, our developer has been looking into the lockout message mystery, and some changes were made on the back end. Please keep an eye out for additional occurrences, and let us know if you’re still seeing errors.

Thanks, and have a good weekend.