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Password Tampering?

This is for @cdaquilla. I had to change my password so that I could log in. The message claimed that I had so many unsuccessful log ins that my account was blocked. Any others with similar problems? I have never had a problem with a log in so I wonder if it was just a fluke.

I believe this is being addressed here:

Many people are having logon problems. Rather than change password every time. I just go sort my sock drawer and try later.

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I tried the waiting game but it didn’t work for me. I always log off because it’s a habit for me. I forgot to log off of eBay once and paid the price. Never again.

@missileman - it may be small consolation to you that no one is interfering with your password. @insightful is correct that the thread is addressing a known issue. It happens to me, too. I inquired about it once more after ok4450 and George mentioned it again.

Exactly! That’s it! Me, too!
Well, almost… I don’t sort your socks. I sort my own. :wink:
I don’t go in for that type of thing. :smile: