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Logging in blocked

Here lately and regularly I get a message that my ip is blocked for too many log in attempts. Even though it is the first time I’ve tried to log in that day. Wait 5 minutes and no problem. This combined with having to log out in 2 different places is really getting annoying.

I don’t understand why you need to log out.
I stay logged-in, and every time that I access this site, I am ready to post.


I have been just staying logged on during the day but log off when I know I am done. I also have had the logon too many times message first time I try to log on . I thought the system knew I needed to sort my sock drawer or something useful.

I guess that I am missing something here, and I ask this with all sincerity:
Why do I need to log-out of this site at the end of the day, or whenever I think that I am done?

With sites dealing with my financial accounts, I log in and then I log out as soon as I have finished my business, but… Why would I want/need to routinely log-out of a site where none of my financial information–or other personal information–is stored?

I log out if I am logged in from work at my break time. I do get the same message quite often.

OK, @PvtPublic and @galant, I asked around and I’m told that discourse only locks you out if you try to log in six times in one minute, which seemed unlikely. We also confirmed that there’s no one else logging in from your IP address.

Question from discourse, however unlikely this may be: are you logging in from multiple devices simultaneously? Also, could you please reproduce the error message text exactly? Finally, are you logging in from, or

I can imagine that sometimes (But definitely not all times) it happens I may still be logged in on another device. Which brings me to the other problem I mentioned. To totally log off I have to log off from and then go to and log off there also. Even though when I log on at I am automatically logged in on It seems they are now 2 totally separate sites when logging off but not when logging in. Which makes it really easy to not remember to log off both.

My home PC has the info saved, so when I log in, it happens automatically and I do NOT log out. When I am at work, the home PC is at idle/sleep.

I wish I was fast enough to try 6 times in a minute!

I do not remember the exact wording of the message, but it is something to the effect of “You have had too many attempts”. I will try again tomorrow and see.

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