Does CarTalk still need to be told the "logon issue still exists"

It is still happening, are you still interested in details? This must be one massive bug.

How is your Internet Explorer security set up? If you have it set up where the temporary internet files. cookies and the cache are cleared out each time the browser is closed, the site won’t remember you.


It started happening to me too at the same time with others.
This is the only website that does it.
Something is wrong here.

This has been happening with me at erratic times over about the last week and it’s only with this site.

I too have been having problems with this site. It keeps logging me off. It seems to follow no pattern, it does so under a seemingly random variety of circumstances. Much like those we try to help, perhaps if one of us notices a pattern it would help the site people.

My IE Security is set up in a fashion that this is the only site that gives one hint of trouble. I had my IT people take a look at things and was advised to leave things as they have it set as the problem is on the website side.


This is the only site that frequently logs me off, despite the fact that I check the box for “keep me logged on”.

However, as was said, it is totally random. I can go away for 5 or 6 hours, and find that I am still logged on, but on other occasions I find myself logged off after just a few minutes away from the site. No rhyme or reason to it that I can perceive!

Edited to add:
Two days later, it is still happening on a random basis.

Yes! Beat the dogs mercilessly!

Well, it did happen yesterday once.

But don’t let up. Make them earn their keep as your aid. The lackey’s are paid for that, right?

I guess everyone is intitled to a good rant every now and then,eh?

The first sentence was a joke. The rest of it is the reasonable ortion of the post.