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Who Drives a Girlie Car? evaluated the sex appeal of all cars with over 1000 sales. Not surprisingly, the men were supremely attracted to pick-up trucks and sports cars:

Porsche 911, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-Series, BMW M3, Ford Ranger, Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram, and Audi S5 ll had the highest percentage of male buyers.

The highest percentage of female drivers were: VW New Beetle, Kia Spectra, Nissan Rogue, VW Eos, Hyundai Entourage, Volvo S40, Jeep Compass, Honda CR-V, Nissan Sentra, and Hyundai Tuscon.

So, is that your wife’s Jeep Compass or your Jeep Compass? You say that’s your Corvette, but why does your wife drive it to work? Anyone care to wade in?

I’d drive a Miata if I could, but I’d probably have a 5L V8 conversion done on it first. :smiley:

We just bought a CRV, currently used mostly for weekends and road trips. The minivan was not very reliable any more. I guess I am driving it for the most part. Would that attract more girls? The other CUV’s we looked at are also on the girlie list. I personally wanted a grand Cherokee (used one), but the rear seats are actually tighter than the CRV and the gas mileage is really poor, I am sure the reliability would not had been as good as a Honda too, so I could not justify it.

I love my Beetle (TDI). It’s a pretty light, baby blue that sets off the red and purple Anemone I keep in the vase. It’s VERY NOT stock and a real sleeper.

I think the girlie look is good for 60-80hp / ft./lbs. and a sec. or two jump in shock value. :wink:

I had a guy in a TT-RS track me down after he prodded me into badly embarrassing him one early Sun. morning. Turned out he was a state trooper - ooops - lucky he was just looking for some suspension tuning advice and to find out what the heck I had done to the Bug.

It’s a man. trans. Does that make it any manlier?

How the heck do you attach a pic here anymore? I have a decent “action” shot of it from Lime Rock track day last year.

The Miata conversion mention reminds me of my first conversion car, done in HS auto shop. An early '74 260z into which went a worked over Chevy 350/350. Fiberglass fenders & hood, relocated batt. etc… That was a FUN car, a V-8 Vega/Pinto that could handle.

If you look back 30 years and compare id say 80% of us drive girly cars

Nothing unusual about men and trucks. I was happy to dump mine in favor of 2Suvs and utility trailer. Car purchases just seem to reflect the needs of each. I would love to go back to Corollas and the like and could live with any of the “Girly” choices, but I would have to get rid of our toys and move. I think it’s a little short sighted to say men are attracted to trucks in general…they need them.

Is this a girlie car? Just wondering.

thats a “somebody has too much money car”

Yep, that car will sure take care of any ‘too much money’ problems.

“To make a small fortune in racing, first start with a large fortune.”

I drive a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier. I don’t know if it’s a girly car or not, and I don’t care. I bought it because it was cheap ($6K, 3 years old, 82k miles). It has a lot of miles on it (about 250K) and has no problems, and it gets a lot of miles per gallon.

Speaking as a male, I’d drive a pink Vagicar with beads and angels hanging from the rearview mirror if it got me a long way on a gallon of fuel and lasted a long time without problems.

Z3 BMW’s are said to get the girlie car tag. My neighbor drives a Buick and his wife drives, you guessed it, a Miata.

'03 Honda Civic- girlie, '04 Ford T’bird - girlie, '01 Toyota Sequoia - girlie? 2 of 3 of my cars would likely rate as girlie. The Sequoia is a full size SUV which would be a man car normally, but not being a Ford, Chevy, GMC, or Dodge Ram makes it a possible girlie too. So, I’ll say 3 of 3 of mine are girlie. Don’t care, keeping them anyway.

dagosa - That’s exactly what I did. Sold my GMC Pickup…bought my first SUV (90 Pathfinder) and then bought a utility trailer…Best investment I ever made.

I love my SUV’s…I probably won’t own any other kind of vehicle. Would love to own a Vette someday as a play car. Maybe when my youngest is out of college…but by then I’ll be over 65 (which is close to the average age of the vette drivers I see anyways).

I once helped a young lawyer buy her first new car. She wanted a Camaro with all the enhancements.

We settled on an IROC-Z in bright yellow. Some “girlie” car.

This lawyer was a petite blonde, looked like Reece Witherspoon (from Legally Blond).

Her driving style and skills were also very "un-girlie:.

I don’t know if it’s a gender thing or not, but I am thinking about getting a small pick-up truck so I can tow my motorcycle to the shop and pull a small camping trailer, like a small pop-up. It would also be nice to get a small aluminum bass boat some day and have a truck to pull it with.

MikeinNH…If you can find a Vette with more ground clearance, the capability to mount a two inch receiver hitch, I’m with you. Love that aluminum utility trailer with a loading ramp for bikes and ATVs, Whitey. Thule makes a great one…

I wouldn’t want to own any of those cars, on either list.

What does that make me?

p.s.: nice shot of Shirley Muldowney, B.L.E.

My wife’s favorite ; 1979 Chevy pickup, short stepside, black w/red interior. Grand total original miles; 70172.0. Under a car cover in our driveway now.
Her daily driver 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid.
My daily driver 2008 Ford Expedition EL.

Which is the girlie car ?

“Is this a girlie car”

Very much so if Muldowney was driving it.