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Cars for men

I have been unable to log in and I guess I missed the discussion on which cars men can drive without ridicule, a topic dear to my heart. Can someone please sum it up for me or point me to where I can find dout more? Thanks.

A man, or woman, can drive any car he, or she, chooses. Any car, any size, any engine, any color. Vehicles do not have gender.

Anyone who ridicules you for your automotive choice is to be ignored, disregarded, and eliminated from your list of “people who’s opinion matters,” assuming you have such a list.

When you stop having such a list you will be making progress. There are no “cars for men,” just as there are no “cars for women.”

Grow up.

Just buy an F-350 4x4 and call it good :slight_smile:

I didn’t read the other thread, but I agree with mcparadise. If you are so worried about what other people think about what you should be driving, maybe you should stop hanging around with people with the emotional IQ of a 12-year-old.

A real man does not worry about it and no one will reticule him. Only men who are uncertain about themselves get ridiculed.

Only if it’s a dualie. You could get an F-450; they all have dual rear wheels.

Well, call me immature, I don’t care, but I don’t want to drive a chick car. and it seems that most of them are. All minivans, SUVs and crossovers, all Saturns, Mercurys and Subarus, Pontiacs and more. These are cars that sell more than 50 percent of their models to women. It’
s gotten completely out of hand. Even the Cadillac CTS ad features a woman. It’s a well -known fact that a man will not buy a car aimed at a woman, but a woman will gravitate toward a car pitched to men. Once, when they first came out, it was socially acceptable for a man to drive a minivan or SUV, but now they are soccer mom vehicles. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to drive a man’s car, and I think the automakers are missing some sales because cars aren’t masculine enough.

I find all of this to be really bizarre. I’d go for a yellow new beetle.

To the OP - if there was a thread on this with more of a discussion that you remember seeing you might be able to find it via the Search function up top.

I agree with this except in one instance. A man should never willingly drive a car that is pink, or that has pink trim or pinstripes. Simply put, pink can not under any circumstance be manly.

Don’t get a Prius then

Why did so many men drive a car called Escort? Women driving Cavaliers. The GTO vs. the GTX. You would thing the GTX was for women just by the name. Or was that the GTXX? Ford had a lineup for people who were divorced, the Ex-plorer, the Ex-pedition, the Ex-cursion. I hope GMC neans Great Man’s Craft.

(insert tongue into cheek)

Real men, like my father drove a Ford LTD (or Chevy Caprice, etc.), or an all metal Pick-up for their job. Or they drove a Saturn V…as in Apollo rocket booster, not a “mini SUV”. They drove V8 powered gas guzzling, full sized rear drive with snows on the back in winter. No Sat Nav, cup holding, low emission, and reliable vehicle for them (Real Men maintained and fixed their own cars). These cars are gone with the last of the “Real Men”. Yes,Real Men would never think about whether or not they drove what some else considered a “chick car”.

As the Miata is often called a chick car and a Ford F250/350 is not, I must be “confused”. I suppose the magnetic removable numbers does makes my Miata a “chick Car”

Agree! My wife loves pink, purple and other shades that remind me of consmetics. So, men should avoid these. The actual type of car you drive is up to you, and, unless you are in sales, drive what you want.

Years ago, a guy on my street went into real estate sales. His car, a bile-green 2 door hatchback!! Needless to say, anyone that insensitive to client comfort did not succeeed in selling houses. Companies generally want their sales personnel to drive 4 door cars that that are easy to get in and out of, are don’t attract undue attention because of “loud” colors or noisy mufflers. An exception would be women selling cosmetics door to door, in which case the car can become a fashion statement.

“It’s a well known fact . . .”

I guess you just can’t argue with logic like that.

Alright, I didn’t read all of these, but I have had many cars I would call “for men.”

Any late 60s to mid 70s four door Mopar with a 440.

The seats are wide enough so they don’t cruch your rib cage and shoulders in, they are the original car with a built in snow plow (Mopar called it a bumber), they last forever and can easily peg the needle on the 120 mph guage.

Plus the blocks are extremely hard and probably won’t need any kind of machine work to rebuild (unless you have a lemon, I have seven 440’s, all have been apart, an all had less than .0005 ring wear).

There’s just something special about a car that weighs more than 5000 lbs, shifts into second gear at 50 mph and third at 105.

I’ve primarily driven minivans for the past 21 years. When I think of all the great memories we’ve had with those vehicles (family trips, soccer games, scout camping trips, driving carloads of kids around, you name it…), I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Somehow it never occurred to me there might be a negative image to driving a minivan.

Somehow it never occurred to me there might be a negative image to driving a minivan.

There isn’t. It is only an issue for those who lack self confidence or those who think the car makes the man. You and I know, however, that who you are isn’t defined by what you drive.

I feel the same way about people who define who they are by what they do for a living. Actually, I feel sorry for them (both types of people).

I agree with this as well. You shouldn’t let your fear of what some anonymous stranger might judge you by rule your life’s decisions. Do you also buy just certain brands of clothes so that you can fit in with whatever the fashion gurus say is proper? Who cares??? After high school many people realize that it’s not as important as they once thought.

There are, however, 2 cars I would never wish to drive. The first, the late '50’s Dodge LaFemme, was designed for women and came in pink. It had many accessories geared towards women as well (perfume spritzer, lipstick holder, pink purse, etc.). The other car would be any Mary Kay Cadillac. Driving either car would probably make me sick to my stomach.

I figure I’m man enough to drive any car I doggone well feel like.

If you ridecule me beyond earshot I don’t care. If you saw me with my customized hat with US Air Force Veteran, 319th Bomb Wing, 43rd Bomb Wing - Operation Linebacker, my Vietnam Service ribbon and my B52 bomber pin I don’t think you’d likely ridecule me to my face. Of course if you did I’d just chuckle and walk away.

People who ridecule others for what they drive or wear say more about themselves than they do about the people they ridecule.

Well said, mountainbike! My youngest brother lives in a luxury condo, has 6 university degrees, has travelled all over and his last fulltime job was managing a maximum security prison. He is trained in crisis management, hostage negotiations, and other interesting hazardous activities management, His car? A 1987 Honda Accord with nearly 300,000 miles on it. Some of us buy the necessary transportation we need, while others buy what strikes their fancy and don’t car about others’ opinion.