Best car for a single, 53yo gal wanting to turn heads

Has this been posted a million times already? If so, sorry. I got to thinking about this after watching American Graffiti for the 100th time. That beautiful Corvette! All he wanted to do was find the woman in that sleek white babe magnet. Ok, so I’m no Suzanne Sommers, but I’m not half way bad. BUT I currently drive a 2002 VW Passat Wagon, typical blue. Ugh! Long story, but my Subaru Impreza needed to be replaced and the VW was a deal from friends who were moving to Switzerland. The problem is that I feel old and boring in it, unlike the Impreza or my Toyota 4x4 I had before that. So if I buy a newish car (factory certified), what’s a good car that’ll turn a few heads? Or ARE there any at my age? Ok, have at it!

A blond wig and breast implants are one way to go. Sorry couldn’t resist that, but it is true. As for cars, a nice throaty exhaust will attract attention. An old classic muscle car also works. But these will only attract car guys, but if thats what your after, good luck.

Basically, guys like a two door coupe (not a sports car per se), with dual exhausts that make a little noise, or a Harley.

Make sure your Harley has seating for two.

Anyway, get something manual transmission and practice your J-turns and handbrake slides. Nothing draws attention like a nicely (or poorly!) executed J-turn pulling out of the Kroger parking lot.

Oh boy I dunno. Another ten years and you really won’t care. I was in the library yesterday and a lady with high top boots caught my eye. She got into a new blue Toyota. I think it was the boots that caught my eye though. Might want to look at the BMW line but if you get too classy it scares normal people off, but clean and shiney, especially in the winter kind of catches your eye.

Can’t go wrong with a late model Mustang. And it should be a fun car for someone in your…ahem…age bracket.

I think you should buy almost new, and there are a lot of choices in just about any category. Mustang, Camaro, Challenger are pony car coupes. Sports car choices might be Miata, Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, Nissan 370Z, Audi A3 (coupe or convertible), BMW 128i coupe, and there are others. Give us a price range and other requirements like seating and number of doors. Really, there is something in almost every category that will attract guys.


Ford F350 SuperDuty crew cab diesel with duallies

Wow, quite a variety! If I could afford a classic early mustang…well, I’d have to sell my house! So my budget is around $15,000 cash, depending on what I get for a trade-in. I’m an artist, so I tend to have to carry kind of big stuff around sometimes. The interior length of the Impreza was barely long enough, so a sports coupe wouldn’t work. I’m also a bit eccentric along with feistiness. Given all that, I was thinking about…ready?..a Kia Soul. Groans? Smiles?

A lot could depend upon what kind of money you’re willing and able to spend. Late model Mustangs are plentiful, look good, and they’re reliable cars. The downside, for me anyway, is the amount of plastic used in the interior.

The new Camaros in certain colors are extremely eye-catching to me; especially the ones in Synergy Green. In a seemingly endless herd of white and silver vehicles that color just flat stands out in the crowd.

As to your age, forget about that because 53 is nothing. It’s all between the ears. :slight_smile:

^Thanks! Yep, I feel younger than some of my young friends. Positivity keeps me young!

I’m also considering a Scion “wagon” - I like Toyota a lot and have owned three that I drove forever. And it looks like they have a lot of room. BTW, part of the reason I want to get rid of the VW is the HIGH repair costs!

2010 MazdaSpeed3 if you drive a stick. Otherwise, a 2012 I-Touring or s-Touring hatchback Mazda3 with auto trans.

Reality bites a pleasing disposistion,neat dress and lack of tatoos will get a lot of attention,the people you seem to want to attract,will dump you in a heartbeat,a Kia Soul is a good choice,go with your intellect,rather then your hormones-Kevin

When my wife taught, nothing said cool when she drove to school more then a new 4Runner. I know it’s the other end of the spectrum and they like gas, but they are bold. It maybe just our area. Fancy pants cars are for tourist.
Fr $15k though, you are looking at older a 2005 model or a used Scion Tc. Btw, how can yu be just 53 and drive three cars forever ? I would like to learn that trick.

@MaryGeorge Age only matters if you’re wine or cheese!! There are women in our hiking and ski club who are in their 70s and still turn heads. They drive a variety of cars from a red C Class Mercedes coupe to a blue Imprezza WRX.

My wife is in that category and drives a “velocity red” Mazda3 Sport Hatchback. The reds Mazda uses are really dazzling.

If you don’t need to carry anything bulky, the “head turningest” car for a women would be a Mazda Miata in red. And don’t forget to wear a short leather skirt, expensive silk blouse and high heels!

@ Doc,you are so funny sometimes-but a good paint job will hide a lot of imperfections,always ask yourself young lady what your real goals are(as my Aunt told me “I wouldnt have anybody that would have me”) stay away from the squirrels and toyboys,there are plenty of good folks in your group and goodluck-Kevin

Any muscle car or convertible. Once the car has got their attention, they’ll look at the driver, and if you’re looking good, they won’t look at the car again :slight_smile:

Good point. The car may get people’s attention, but the important chassis to take care of is the one inside.

I think you need to tell us more, Hobbies ect… what kind of guy are you looking for? A lawyer, a doctor, a pipe fitter, a lineman?

I still think a big truck is the answer

Heads will turn

And it will haul all that stuff she was talking about

Keep the wagon and get the fun car as a 2nd vehicle.
That being said, a Pontiac G8 GT would be a good compromise if you just had to get rid of the VW. It has some good styling, the V8 engine in it is shared among other GM brands, but it’s a sedan, not a wagon