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Miata - girl car?

I was looking for a fun summer car and saw a red Miata. It looked good to me but my friend said it’s a “girl car”. Thoughts?


If such notions affect you then you must not get a Miata. Consult your know-it-all friend for a proper guy car.

Let’s not hold back here folks.

dgmri, your friend is an idiot. With the possible exception of the jeepster and a Mary Kay-edition Caddy, there is no such thing as a girl car. If you like the car, get it, secure in the knowledge that only idiots will think you’re driving a girl car.

So, are you man enough to buy one?

A miata is very far from a “girl car”. Its very close to the essence of a REAL sports car not a wanna-be like most cars out there.

My buddy has a miata that we put a 302 in. How girly is that?

I’m sure lots of girls dig them, so buy it and go cruisin sometime. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty girly, not as girly as a new bug (no vase on the dash). Let’s put it this way, my 16 year old daughter thinks the miata is cute. But who cares, buy it if you like it.

The guy with the 302 miata might want to look into some viagra.

As a former owner of a Miata, I can tell you it is truly a girl car. It attracts them like crazy. I also loved it and could care less about what any guy had to say. I guess they need to have “Guy” things to prove they are guys. I don’t need to.

Your friend by any chance have a mullet and a 20 year old Camaro? :slight_smile: Maybe a tinge of jealousy?

No one’s ever accused me of being girly in any way (was invited to join an outlaw motorcycle club at one time)) and I like the Miatas.
Someone a couple of years ago was running a Miata with a modified Ford 5.0 in that Nevada desert race where there is no speed limit and I think that “girly car” would hit 175 or better if I remember correctly.

If the car is good, the price is right, and YOU like it that is all that matters.

Very girly - if you’re Shirley Muldowney.

Actually, it’s probably too tame for her.

In our complex it seems like it is a bald guy’s car! Actually I haven’t seen many girls drive them, but quite a few who dig them.

In our complex it seems like it is a bald guy’s car!

LOL, sounds like a low budget mid-life crisis.

If you can fit in it, then it’s an old school sports car from the days when people couldn’t afford beemers.

How about a supercharged 5.0.

My friends.

Some people think anything but an F-150 or 300m is a girl car. I guess it’s ok to think that if a car isn’t MANLY, then it’s girly, but that doesn’t hold much weight with real auto enthusiasts.

Just don’t hang a string of beads from the inside rear view mirror.

Miata is definitely a girls’ car, so is a Beetle.