Ultimate Guy and Chick Cars

What do you think? Did we get it right? Are these the ultimate guy and chick cars of all time? Tell us what cars you think are missing, or which ones don’t deserve their coveted slots. Share your thoughts right here – and thanks!

On today’s show you asked which car a guy trying to attract a girl should drive. All my girlfriends and I have agreed several times over that the answer is: A TRUCK. ANY TRUCK. Preferably with tools in the back. This tells us you will haul things for us, fix things for us, you are strong and capable. You are not an accountant, not a car nut, just a down to earth, rugged, able GUY :slight_smile:

Hands-down the Volvo C70 Convertible. Cream with brown leather interior. This car screams urban and expensive!

I can tell you as a blonde chick (who used to get checked out constantly in her Burgundy 1987 Camaro) that the 2007 Toyota Prius is NOT a good car to drive if you want to get a man. More often than not, I get dirty looks for accelerating so slowly away from a stop, as young men driving their ultimate guy cars recklessly speed past me! But, because I’m happily married, every man who passes me by flipping the bird is one less idiot that I have to date!

I can’t beleive none of the ultimate chick cars was a Mercury. Everything they make is femme.

After having driven mini vans and station wagons for years, I decided to go for a monumentous change following the college graduation of my youngest children. I bought a G35 Infiniti. Men of all ages stop me in parking lots, argue over who will drive it at the local car wash, honk as I drive by and give me “thumbs up” while stopped at traffic lights. My husband (sorry guys!) is considering hiding the keys…

Ok, well there’s the ultimate car the guy or chick wants to own, and there’s the car to own to attract the guy or chick.

As a guy, I’m not more attracted to chicks that drive Beetles, Cabrios, or Miatas. (the top 3 chick cars) I also somehow doubt that chicks gravitate to guys because of their Mustangs, Corvettes, or Camaros. (the top three guy cars)

The only time I was more attracted to a girl because of her car was in my teens. Mary had a nineteen-seventy-something Datsun pickup that someone had shoehorned a 260Z motor (and 4-speed transmission) into. It was average to look at, but it sounded so cool, was damn fast, and she let me drive it. I later suspected that she got that truck precisely to attract a guy like me, mostly because it worked so well.

Perhaps this was part of Mary’s technique. Her previous car was a 2-seater sports car. It had the gas cap behind the rear license plate. Because the down-angle of the filler neck was shallow, it would spit gas back at you if you pumped it in wide open. Try to imagine her pulling into full service gas, asking for a fillup, and saying “pump slowly” in a sexy way.

It’s funny - at the time, I was young, and didn’t realize that Mary was “working it”, but to write it all down and look at it, it seems obvious she was… :smiley:

Dear Tom and Ray,
I have to say the best “CHICK-Magnet” is a Hybrid Car. After driving my father’s Toyota Prius across the country and spending last summer with my girlfriend, I have learned a few things. First, everyone loves to hear about the great gas mileage I got (GA-MI with only 2 stops). Second, when you run out of things to say during your date, their is always the fun display to stare at and then explain. Third, it is always fun to pass a giant gas guzzler on the road and watch their faces (While doing the speed limit)…
I think that you should put this on your “watch list” as a general “person-magnet” car…for both men and women!
Love your show,

I am a college student at Iowa State University, and I constantly am complimented on my Mitsubishi Lancer. It?s not that expensive of a car but it?s sporty and it catches the eye. It seems to be a hit with the Sorority crowd.

I am a single mature heterosexual guy and I’ve been conducting an experiment about women’s reactions to guys’ cars for the last two years. My every day car is a Toyota Prius. My fun, on the weekend car is an Acura NSX. My findings reveal this: women are quick to say how they admire my intelligence and sensibility as a Prius driver, yet when I pull up in the NSX and take them for a ride where they can hear the roar of the mid-engine motor, without exception they get all hot and bothered. And although most would never admit it, they get all tingly pulling up to a fine restaurant’s valet in the NSX. Not so much in the Prius. Don’t let a woman’s feigned intellectualism and practicality fool you into believing they love that you have a practical car. They want raw power, from their man and their man’s ride.

I always figured that I should buy the car I want and not worry about what anyone else things about it.

As for what car a chick drives, I really don’t care. If we were to get together, it would be more likely to be in my car. If otherwise, then it is her choice of car, so as long as it does not breakdown, I don’t really care. Nice of her to drive.

As for attracting chicks, I doubt if I am going to be happy with the girl who is looking for someone with a pickup with tools in the back and a gun rack. I would rather attract one who is closer to my style.

The VW EOS - eye-catching, curve appeals; especially with the ismere blue and cream leather interior… hm… sure to be a heads-turner!

I bought an 08 honda fit in September, and I’ve been hit on by 4 guys at the gas station, and one gas station attendent. . .most start with something like, “hey, does that get good gas milage?” I even had one guy say, “It’s not often you find a cute AND smart girl. . can I look under your hood?”(wink wink) and the gas station attendent said my car was “almost as cute as me”

I never, NEVER got comments like this when I drove my 96 Ford Taurus. . .who would have thought of getting hit on at the GAS STATION!? I thought that was the thing of legend. . .

As for what kind of cars I find attractive, as a woman. . .

Trucks (small trucks, not those large look at me, I’m such a big man. .vrrooom vroom kind of trucks)

Honda/VW/Subaru (anything sensible and practical, long lasting and gets good gas mileage) oh, and 4wheel drive is a plus!

I was talking with some of my friends a number of years ago, and one of the girls was talking about how this guy was giving them a ride home, and she went on and on about how great his sports car was. She was absolutely ebullient about how when her sister went to climb in the back, he said, “No, wait!” and opened the small suicide door to ease her entrance. My male friends were simultaneously horrified. At this time, the only car on the market with one of those doors was the Saturn coupe… And that was the “sports car”.

I wouldn’t be attracted to a guy in any of the guy-cars shown. I’d associate those cars with the kind of guy who would have a Playboy calendar hanging in his fake-wood-paneled rumpus room and who would spend weekends watching televised wrestling. All the cars shown are the kind that would have a little pine tree hanging from the mirror and french fries on the floor.

I’d be attracted to a guy in a mid-'80s Jaguar XJ6 – something that says “I choose good stuff and then I hang onto it until it dies,” which is how I hope a man will feel about his car, his home, and his wife. I like the kind of car that feels like it wants to take you to the opera and then to a nice restaurant for dessert.


You guys asked what car would attract the opposite sex…
In high school I had a MG vert and all the girls wanted a ride, but I spend every weekend fixing it.
Now, Im told my 1 series bmw is a chick car, but I really think its a chick magnet, You know BMW really stands for “be my woman”!

Bought a Subaru Impreza RS new, in 2000. Love love love that car! Have seen both guys and gals sporting it. Def a head turner, super fun and torturously small backseat, even for a 2dr. Receive constant male attention, though they are almost always under the age of 30.

uh, nevermind.

I drive a 1994 Toyota Landcruiser with racks on the top, leather insides and engine block heater hanging out of the front. Oh yes, it also has 300,000 miles on it and gets a steady 13 mpg going down hill with a tail wind. BUT–I pull into a gas station (and at 13 mph I see a lot of gas stations) and guys want to buy it off of me or ask particulars about its airshock system or horsepower (as a chick, I haven’t a clue but it can pull a fully loaded trailer uphill without hiccuping). What’s funny is that a bunch of chicks have also wanted to buy it–some how it says grace and power in such an obvious way. My other car is a Toyota Highlander hybrid and is about the most boring thing on the road except perhaps a minivan. I just wish Toyota would make a hybrid or electric engine for those 1990 landcruisers and they would be the ultimate beast on the road!