Is a Mini Cooper Convertible a chick car?

Is a Mini Cooper Convertible a chick car? What about the hardtop version(s)?

Not unless you are Barbie’s Ken, or queer as a foot-ball bat!

Relax, any car, even the new VW Beetle, can be a guy car if you install a gun rack in it.

If someone asked me, “Quick! Name a chick car!” my instant reply would be “the Mini!”

Second choice would be the New Beetle, but everyone knows that already.

Well, using google, I found some chick cars lists. The Mini does seem to be represented:

There are plenty more lists. I did notice a lot of “chick cars” also seem to be guy “mid-life crisis” cars, interesting.

Yes, but only in mellow yellow and pepper white. It’s a man’s car if you get an S.

But who cares? If you get a mellow yellow convertible the girls will be all over it. Is that a bad thing?

I had a baby blue new Beetle convertible as a rental once. One of my bosses saw me in a parking lot and shouted out “Hey, sweet sixteen!” I think he was jealous.

…No, I thik he wanted to have sex with you!

Worse yet, Aren’t you my Ex’s attorney? Know how to keep a lawyer from drowning? Take your foot off his head.

I find it telling that all of the good handling, good gas mileage, and fun to drive cars are labeled “chick cars” and all the gas sucking pigs that don’t corner, can’t stop fast, are so heavy that they can’t accelerate fast in spite of having a lot of horsepower, are all labeled manly cars. Are we being manipulated to buy hugely profitable SUVs by being made to be ashamed of being seen in the good cars?

If you are a real man, think for yourself and don’t make excuses for your decision. Or, better yet, when you see your neighbor filling up his “manly” Hummer, pull up to the next pump and top off your Mini Cooper and when you return the hose to the pump, loudly exclaim "DAMN!!! TWENTY FIVE BUCKS!!! and then drive off while he’s still waiting for his tank to get full.

“… all the gas sucking pigs that don’t corner, can’t stop fast, are so heavy that they can’t accelerate fast in spite of having a lot of horsepower, are all labeled manly cars.”

No, those are called “viaga cars.” Manly cars are gas sucking pigs that do corner, can stop fast, are so light and powerful that you can lose you license for a decade if you put your foot in it.

Like the car that Danica Patrick drives?

You might also want to check out Patty Wagstaff’s “chick airplane”

I’m still waiting to see the first woman F1 driver, it’s overdue. BTW, the Australian GP is tonight and I’m watching Sebring right now, finally it’s racing season again. (-:

If someone is truly secure regarding himself and his sexuality, he will not worry about what people think of his car–or what they think about anything else, for that matter. Only those who are very insecure will worry about what others think of them.

Show your individuality and your sense of security. Buy what you like, not what someone else expects you to drive.

I agree, hopefully we are all joking about this.

The Mini Cooper has been around too long and is about to be replaced by the new “chick” car–the Smart or Smart for Two or whatever it is called. One bachelor where I work just bought one and it has really attracted a lot of attention.

I think men start driving a particular vehicle and then the women have to have these vehicles. I remember when the original VW beetles were imported in the 1950’s. Men started driving them and then the women had to have them. The same thing happened with vans. They were originally used by tradesmen. Seats were then installed. Women thought they were a little clumsy so the minivan evolved. Tradesmen also used pick-up trucks. Suddenly, the in thing to have was a pick-up truck and then manufacurers came out with a compact pick-up truck. Pick-up trucks, both regular size and compact became the “in” vehicle to have. The pick-up trucks that I had to drive with a long rod coming out of the floor to shift the gears, a bench seat that was probably adapted from a school bus, and gearing for real work as opposed to racing down the highway (My 1950 Chevrolet 1 ton pick-up was really screaming at 60 miles per hour) are now called “work trucks”. My brother has a pick-up truck that is more luxurious than some cars. Many women suddenly began owning pick-up trucks. I think men started driving the Mazda Miatas and then the women had to have them.
This is why I predict that the Smart will be the next chick car. I could be wrong. I made the same prediction back in the 1950’s about the King Midget. However, with its 8 horsepower Wisconsin 1 cylinder engine, hand operated wipers, recoil rope start, unless one purchased the optional electric starting, it may have been too crude even for men. The Smart has a few more features than the King Midget.

Based on that theory, buy yourself a motorcycle with a sidecar and take your cure little puppy for a ride. There is something cool, but not threatening about sidecars. (-;

I have a hardtop s model and I don’t think it’s a chick car. I think your ok with a mini convertible. I know a few straight guys who have them and there not worried about it being a chick car. Bottom line if you like it buy, who cares what people think.

It’s made by BMW, it doesn’t have much interior room and it’s unreliable. Sounds like a manly car to me!

I’ll take the motorcycle and side car as long as the motorcycle has a kick start. I don’t want any part of this new fangled battery operated electric start.

But if you love it dont worry just say yeah it belongs to my wife / Girl Friend etc etc.

However please check it out on the consumer reports first. There seems to be a lot amiss with this car. Also in Europe it is available for a lot less which only means that the dealers are skinning ever customer. So the question is, is it the best buy in its price range or are you justt dead set on buying it.