Where do you get car manuals? Old car

I have a pretty old car, It’s Opel vectra b estate from year 2000, I have made a few posts in this forum already and people have said that this car is very rare/not popular in this forum. The question is how to get a manual for this car? I’ve been looking on the internet for a long time, but all I come up to is websites that offer you to buy one or trying to scam you. I suppose if people bought manuals from those websites, they could share them?

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

What has been said is that this Forum has mostly US based members so we don’t have much knowledge about Opel vehicles. There has to be a European web site or you could actually go by an Opel dealer and see if they can get you one.

I’ve found factory service manuals on eBay, and sometimes, when I ordered the cheapest one, what arrived was a pirated copy. When I filed complaints on eBay, I ended up getting to keep them for free.

Did you try Google. I did…and found many links…including Ebay and PDF file.

We have some pretty big used bookstores here in my city that have a ton of old service manuals for different makes of cars. If you have something similar nearby, give that a whirl.

Try to find mine then, goodluck.


Do you not realize the chance of finding a manual for a vehicle brand that has not been sold in the US since 1975 is less than zero .

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30 seconds on Google got me this, it’s the Vauxall version, should apply:

Or are you wanting a shop/repair manual?

This is year 2007, everything is different from my car, I want repair and owners manual, atleast any, if they even exist on the internet.

You could search https://www.amazon.co.uk/.

I can’t get anything from this website to my country, either because of expensive shipping fees or that it simply can’t be delivered (?)

We’re really not going to be of much help on a European car. Have you joined the various Opel and Vauxhall forums and asked there?

Yeah I did, but most of the links have expired that were posted there and I coulnd’t really find anything useful, except for like 1 page of the manual :smiley:

Isn’t vauxhall version different than European version? And from the photo it looks like vectra C, but thanks for trying to help :slight_smile:

Vauxhall is the UK Opel. The manual probably has all versions of the Vectra…not just the C.

Yes it is. It is right hand drive. :wink:
Btw, England might leave EU, but they’ll need one heck of an outboard engine if they wanna leave Europe. :grinning:


The B is their way of saying 2nd generation, same platform as the Saab 900,9-3,and 9-5. The Saturn L Series as well.

@asterix for the win!