How to find a CHEAP replacement OWNERS Manual?


My used dealer-bought Toyota Sienna came without an Owners Manual. I have found internet prices ranging from $13 to $30. Needless to say I am very, ah um, FRUGAL. Any suggestions, and yes I have access to a copier for free!



Some manufacturers will allow you to do a download of their manuals (PDF file). Of course, unless you have a high-speed connection, it could take a couple of days to download an entire manual.

Still, you might want to check the Toyota website, to see if that shows anything related to this topic. If not, then you might want to call their customer service line, as it is possible that they could direct you to a different site for downloads.


I often see them in gloveboxes of cars in junkyards. You would have to make some phone calls and find a junkyard that has the model year you need. Then find out if they will go and look, or you do it.


Check Yahoo or eBay.


With gas at 3 bucks+ a gallon, save the legwork.


Stuff like that shows up on ebay all the time. See:*+manual&sacat=-1%26catref%3DC6&fmmk=&fmmd=&fylo=&fyhi=&mppfqy=sienna+owner*+manual&sargn=-1%26saslc%3D2&sadis=200&fpos=ZIP%2FPostal&sabfmts=1&saobfmts=insif&ftrt=1&ftrv=1&saprclo=&saprchi=&sadis1=100&fpos1=ZIP%2FPostal&lsot1=&fsop=1%26fsoo%3D1&coaction=compare&copagenum=1&coentrypage=search&sadis2=100&fpos2=ZIP%2FPostal&lsot2= for a book near you.

My local foreign salvage takes all their manuals out and puts them on a shelf. It’s up to the buyer to sort thru and find the one you need. $5 for choice.


I tried the Toyota website, the best I was able to do was $15.95 and that came with the caveat that it was what a Toyota DEALER would charge me…if he had one.


I tried a few junkyards today but being Sunday only one is open a few what was that’s on the phone and I think we arrived at a figure of $10 IF THEY HAD ONE, but to find out I’d have to drive over there. Nope No Deal. I will try calling around Monday.


I did like I said I am um, kinda cheap. I could get a 1999 owners manual on ebay for 13.50 but no 98’s. I hadnt thought of Yahoo. will try them next


Is your local salvage anywhere near Metrowest Boston?? I like their prices!!!


My wife says I’m cheap (I prefer the terms “thrify, frugal, or economical”) but there is a point at which it’s better to just spend a couple of extra bucks rather than search for one.

EBay has some for a '98 with a Buy It Now of 9.95 + 3.50 shipping. It would be worth 13.45 to me to just use BIN and be done with it.


I would suggest that you just pick up a service manual for the thing. It sounds like you’re going to end up paying about the same for an owner’s manual. Most of the stuff included in the owner’s manual and not the service manual is pretty obvious (i.e. how to put gas in it). A good service manual usually has all the maintainance intervals and information you’ll need, and lots of other useful stuff. Plus, being frugal as you are, its only a matter of time before you begin attempting your own repairs, for which a service manual is indispensable.


yes I saw that one but if you look closely at the picture you’ll see it is a picture of a 99 owners manual. I tried emailing the seller but have received no reply.I still think I can get one for less, just dont know where…


I have ordered thru amazon a haynes toyota sienna repair manual thinking the same thing. which is also why I want to try to get the owners manual for as little as possible. and you are right it is only a matter of time that this amateur tries some of his own repairs. Thanks I like the way your mind works.