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2012 Hyundai Elantra GLS

Have been trying since late 2011 to purchase a shop manual for the above auto. Hyundai originally said all would be on internet and available to owners. Now they say not. Anyone know of a source for a manual or disk?

For $26.00 you can get a year subscription for your vehicle here.


Any way to get a permanent hard copy or disk that can be bought? Old school, I like to work out of a book/manual.

Have you tried websites that sell auto repair manuals?

I would stop by a large auto parts store and pick up a copy of Haynes Repair Manual. They are pretty detailed and have a great wiring section in the back. It’s suitable for most DIY projects and repairs.

Remember when we had one big 3 inch thick book that covered almost every problem you’d have , ie; 1966 to 1972 . Auto’s have become so advanced.

The only thing a Haynes manual is good for is, sitting on the floor next to the toilet in case you run out of toilet paper.

And the wiring diagrams in those manuals are a JOKE!


I think it is worth the time and expense to secure the manufacture’s factory service manual if you plan to keep the car for some time. I also believed this manufacturer put their factory service manuals on line for free for the car owners. As a selling point. Maybe I’m thinking of a different manufacturer , or they’ve since changed their minds.

Here’s what I do. Popular Mechanics magazine publishes a book titled “Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual”. Most libraries and bookstores carry it. It’s quite a good general overview of car repair and maintenance for the driveway DIY’er. And is recent enough it covers the problems of newer cars. There’s a section in that book that describes various ways to secure the factory service information, by manufacturer. Take a look at that book and see what it says.