Owners manual

I’m looking for a owners manual for a 94 cadillac deville. “free”. Tired of auto shops telling me whatever. I want to read the manual to know the real facts on what my car needs. The manual was not in car when I bought it.

Try to stay away from auto shops, often times they’re too lazy to “search” for one. Good luck finding one for “free”.

One good place to start, although it does require money, is ebay. I’ve seen manuals online for about $5.00 plus S&H.

I’m not sure how much it’d be, but if you have a Cadillac dealer nearby (hurry, they might be closing down!) they could order you one. Or they just might have one collecting dust somewhere. OR DEPENDING on what you want to know, just CALL the dealer and ask. Write it down. If you require lots of knowledge, get it free by spanning out the calls you make (so you don’t annoy the dealer) and write it down. Then you could have it all in a spiral notebook and it’s custom made by you! You’ll be just like that Johnny Cash song, “One Piece At A Time”.

Good luck.

P.S. Try online, chance it may be “free”.

My city (Tucson) has a large used bookstore (4 outlets in just one city)with a section dedicated to FSM’s I routinely pick up the factory manuals for 10 to 15 dollars per book in a 3 or 4 book set.

The “free” bill will be hard to fill,why do you think you deserve free manuals? because the net is full of "freeware’ perhaps?

As a ex-Dealer employee I can tell you you won’t get much calling them asking for a diagnosis.Not a viable option.

Having the manual is just part of determining what’s up. Are you simply looking for maintiance schedules?

Public library for you.

Some auto manufacturers have online copies of their owner’s manuals which can be downloaded.

Inexpensive used copies can be found at http://www.Books4Cars.com

Another possibility might be your local junk yard.

Some Junk Yards Probably Have 94 Devilles With OMs In Glove Compartments If You Can Get One Before The Crusher Does.

My local yard gives me stuff like that free of charge.