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Service manuals

Looking for an affordable service manual for my 2010 VW Jetta 2.5 I seen one $100 that I know it’s good but I’m trying to save money any suggestions!5142!3!193242585825!!!g!300809020763!&ef_id=Wd96MwAABBlkQNjt:20171107121542:s

About $30. For the DIY’er Haynes is OK

Get the factory service manual, which is probably the $100 one. Yes, it costs more than Chilton’s, but it will also actually tell you how to repair all parts of your car which will save you money long-term.


Don’t think of the $100 as an expense, think of it as an investment. It’ll pay for itself many times over.


Is there a way I can find them used it would be cheaper because that’s actually the type of Manual I am looking for

In the past, I’ve been able to find pirated copies of a factory service manual by searching for the factory manual online. I didn’t know they were pirated copies until they arrived, but I wasn’t going to throw them away after I received them. I just thought they were vendors who were selling the same manuals for less, and I reported them to the platforms they were using (eBay and Etsy) for selling fraudulent materials.

If you opt for the cheaper Haynes or Chilton manual, you’ll get what you pay for.

This is kind of like paying a certified financial planner when you’re short on money. The $100 consulting fee you’ll pay will likely save you thousands of dollars, so there is no logical reason to balk at the price. Spending $100 on a factory service manual is likely to save you big bucks later, so I’d bite the bullet and pay the $100.

Yes, do an internet search for “used service manual 2010 VW Jetta 2.5.”

I recommend also searching for “low cost service manual 2010 VW Jetta 2.5” and “discount service manual 2010 VW Jetta 2.5.”

Your best results might come from simply searching for “service manual 2010 VW Jetta 2.5” and combing through many pages of the results you get.

EDIT: I suggest you replace “VW” with “Volkswagen” in your searches. I also recommend you search eBay and Amazon directly to see if anyone is selling used factory manuals.

That’s why I never got anything off of eBay hear a lot of bad reviews

In eBay’s defense, they’ve done a good job of protecting me from fraudulent activities. The listings for the pirated copies of service manuals from that seller were promptly removed when I reported them. Had I been interested in returning the one I bought, rather than keeping it, I’m sure I could have gotten my money back, including shipping costs.

Here are a few examples:

-I’ve ordered several vintage football cards, basketball cards, and hockey cards from eBay, and I’ve sent many of them to have them graded and slabbed. One hockey card (Gilbert Perreault) came back as “trimmed” (which is something sketchy card sellers do to make a card look like it’s in good condition), so I filed a dispute with eBay, I got my money back, and I got to keep the card.

-Another time I ordered a Cookie Gilchrist card that was listed in “near mint” condition. When I sent it to be graded and slabbed, it came back rated “very good” which is several steps below “near mint.” I contacted the seller and he issued me a full refund, plus I got to keep the card.

-Last week I ordered a set of 1990 Buffalo Bills cards. When the package arrived yesterday, I discovered the seller accidentally sent me a set of 1990 New England Patriots cards. When I contacted the seller, he was very apologetic. He issued me a full refund and is sending me the Bills cards anyway, probably because he wants positive feedback, and I intend to give it to him. He even told me there is no need to return the Patriots cards.

eBay sellers care a lot about seller feedback (as do Amazon sellers), so it’s important to hold back on submitting your feedback until you know you’re happy with what you bought. Just make sure you check the seller’s return policy before you buy to make sure you can return an item if you accidentally order the wrong one. Aside from that, eBay offers the same buyer protections as Amazon.

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I started selling on ebay in 2001, the site’s been on a downward spiral for the last 10 years. Endless fees, ads put on your listings and there’s very little traffic from what it was. There’s hardly any actual auctions now.

I’ve made do with the Haynes and the Chilton’s, which includes replacing the fuel pump, water pump, thermostat, temperature sender gauge, rebuilding the carb… If you need the factory service manual, it’s worth $100

I’ve usually always bought the factory service manuals when I would keep cars for decades. The detail is fantastic and written for the dealer mechanic. Yes they are expensive but well worth it if you plan to keep a car. I did buy the Haynes for my Pontiac and really find it so general to be of little use except for things like where the fasteners are for head light removal etc. I’m not saying its not worth the $25 but just don’t expect much compared to a factory manual. I still have a 2008 Honda factory manual for my 2016 because it’s under warranty and I won’t work on it, and much of the detail is the same for the 2008. It seems though that factory manuals are getting harder to come by but from what I have seen, an Alldate subscription is a good cost effective alternative. I like books though that I can page through instead of reading on a computer. Also be aware that currently a lot of the information is technical that will not be useful unless you have the factory diagnostic tools and even a lift.

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Since it’s easy for me to get in over my head doing a repair, I usually opt for the Haynes/Chilton manual for my car. I do my own basic routine maintenance, but I don’t do anything complicated, like a timing belt job. The hardest thing I’ll tackle is a brake job.

The only factory manuals I own are for motorcycles, because I haven’t seen any Haynes/Chilton manuals for those.

There are big gaps in the procedures outlined in the Haynes manuals. I’ve had some repairs where Haynes was useful, and several repairs where I was on my own. The factory manual won’t leave you to fill in the gaps as you will have to do with the Haynes manual.

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Check Amazon, the Bentley service manual for this car can be found used but at about $80 not that much cheaper.

Whitey - It proves you can take the boy out of Buffalo but you can’t take Buffalo out of the boy:)

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If you can purchase the factory service manual in paper format for $100, suggest to buy it. That $100 will pay you back in spades if you plan to keep your car 10 years or more & do a lot of your own repair and maintenance. If you must save $$$ and willing to live with a less optimal solution, surf over to, type in your car & engine into their search box, then click on the “literature” link. There’s a Haynes manual for $15 or a Chilton’s for $16 there. Good idea to check at your local public library too. They may have one of those manuals to lend-out for free. While there, ask the library staff if they offer the AllData repair and service data base on their computers. All Data is an abridged form of the factory service manual in electronic format. In some ways it is better than a paper manual b/c it has a search feature which a paper manual doesn’t. But it isn’t quite as comprehensive as the factory service manual.

EBay can be a good place to score service manuals and so on. As a 20 year eBay member I’ve bought and sold countless items there with never a hiccup.
Do a search with a cost limit and a Make An Offer option.

Chiltons and Haynes are not very good. The pictures are near worthless due to the recycled newsprint it’s published on and there are mistakes in the text.
A cheap manual that is not accurate means it’s not even worth the cheap price.

You coul subscribe to ALLDATA at about 15 bucks for a year’s subscription. It’s far better than Chilton or Haynes but even ALLDATA has some issues.
I discovered some years ago that a wiring schematic on ALLDATA was incorrect. I also discovered that schematic was a scan from a Haynes manual which was incorrect.

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Step 1- remove engine.
Step 2…

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you can always check used bookstores around you. We have a local chain of them, and I have found some really good stuff in there.