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Where are the average height actors in car ads?

Why do TV auto commericals use such short people to sell their cars? If you look closely, none of the actors are higher than the car doors. So of course the inside head room looks hugh!
How about using average height people?

You answered your own question…


Someone really expects ads of any kind to have any bearing on the real world :thinking:


Watch any commercial for a fast food burger. Take a picture of that masterpiece on your TV screen. Go to the restaurant and order that same burger. Open it up and compare it to your picture…

Why don’t they take a picture of the one you bought and put it on TV?

They use visual props. That ketchup you see on Burgers…is actually red paint.

And ice cream is mashed potatoes. Hot lights and long exposure times while they get the best image don’t play well with the real thing. That being said, just compare that towering, meat laden, vegetable sprouting, ketchup oozing image to the flat, grease dripping, limp lettuce, deformed bun monstrosity you just liberated from the wax paper…

man, now I want a mashed potato cone…

there goes my diet!


Volvo ad to show how strong Volvo roofs are. Only problem is, they put a cage in the ad Volvo that wasn’t available in the production Volvos, so the whole thing was a lie. They got in trouble for that one.

The Lighthouse Grille in Trinidad, California has them on the menu. :wink:


This goes wassaay back. There’s an ad for a 1920’s car where the driver and passenger look like they must be about 4’ tall.

And here I thought I never had a chance for a second movie career.

I am not familiar with commercials but my Palates instructor is an actor. While he is tall he says most actors on both stage and film tend to be short. The camera makes a person look taller and a tall person tends to look odd. It isn’t unusual to meet actors and find they are shorter than you imagined.

Yeah I heard they used to have Robert Redford stand on a box to make him look taller. No bloopers ever showed it that I know of. I suppose now that he’s reaching past middle age though he is now shrinking even shorter. Might be doing car commercials soon.

One of my college roommates told us a story about his father’s mining company. This was back when reclaiming the mine site had just been required by law, and the company thought they would get some good advertising. They had regraded the site and planted grass. It looked great. Then they filmed it, and the brown ground showed through the green grass. They spray painted the ground and refilmed it.

He isn’t especially short, at least not for his era. I think he’s 5’10" or so. One time I rode up the ski lift with him, my sole conversation of any length w/a celebrity.

The actor that famously stood on a box for his movie scenes was Alan Ladd. His bio listed him as 5’ 6" but he was rumored to be shorter. He was frequently filmed with the camera looking up at him from the ground

I was at a presentation he did at a retreat center but didn’t notice he was on a box. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention though and was in back up high looking down.