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Toyota Highlander add

Will that snotty curly headed kid.

A. boost Highlander sales?

B. Tank all Toyota sales?

C. Get tossed off a Bridge sometime soon?

I’m not sure what you are talking about, but I think that you meant “ad” as in commercial, not “add” as in add one plus one.

Yes my dictionary wielding friend you are right again and have caught me out in a miss-spelling because this site has no spell checker. But what I am talking about is the new toyota highlander ad on tv with this stuck up brat slamming all other kids parents and their slightly older cars.

I want to toss him off the bridge, closely followed by his parents who raised him that way. It’s offensive and unwatchable.


Unless an unmarried woman is doing the spelling, the word that you are looking for is misspelled, not “miss-spelled”. In other words, you misspelled the word, misspelled.


Personally, I don’t find that commercial to be offensive, but offensiveness is like beauty in that it exists in the mind of the beholder.

Growing up I loved the Alka Seltzer commercials. Many people loved their commercials, but sales did not improve. Studies revealed the most effective commercials are the ones people like the least. Like this bad commercial (I have not seen it but will take your word for it) is now not only getting you to remember a Toyota Highlander, but talk about it with people, more free publicity.

Bring back corporal punishment!!! That kid needs a swift kick in the @#%&!

I think that commercial is corrosive to all that is good and worthwhile in the world. It makes me hate Toyota for pushing elements of our culture that are ultimately destructive of ourselves.

I like Budweiser commercials, but I won’t buy Bud. Actually, it’s a pretty good lager, but I’m not a lager guy.

I think you are all getting worked up about something I don’t notice. For me, ads are just a chance to get a cup of coffee or go back to the book on my lap.
I only opened the post to see how a Toyota could have attention deficit disorder.

I am with cigroller on this, well except the fact that I don’t smoke.

I think the ad is poorly timed. Just about time to change the “keeping up with the J’s & K’s” culture, it is telling people they need a new car just to keep up with every body else.

I hope it tanks their sales. These ads are crass and disgusting. Sign the petition to drive them off the air at Thanks for starting the discussion here!

Yuengling is a good lager. Bud, not so much. :slight_smile:

Yes it is, and I see you have fallen into my trap again, ha ha.

Maybe, but I had to write this one down to remember the product. There is an ad where this fellow gives one little girl a live pony, and then (sadistically) gives an other one a toy pony. The ad is so offensive I can’t even remember what the product or service being promoted could be. If you subscribe to May West’s idea that there is no bad publicity, then I might have to concede your point. By that logic, this obnoxious advert is just the thing to follow up on the rapid acceleration and brake recall problems Toyota has recently become so notable for. Are there enough incorrectly spelled words here for Tadis and Driver? I hope so.

Butt Whuppin’: What you got from your parents back in the day, when you did something wrong. You hated them for this and said you would never raise your kids this way. So, while you’re a successful professional, Your kids are little turds. Wonder why?

That’s a good rationalization.

Tadis?? Don’t you mean Tardis? :slight_smile:

whoops there I goe again.

thinking it over, the kid seems to have Affect Defective Disorder.