A really wild Toyota commercial

…from Germany.

I don’t think that this commercial would be allowed on TV networks in the US, but it surely is innovative and funny.


As the commercial says, “Nichts ist unmoglich!” Nothing is impossible with a Toyota. Toyota also has some risque commercials in Australia under the title “Bugger!”, a common expression there for “Ah sh–t”. They would not pass the US broadcast standards or truth in advertising rules.

Funny but somehow…Toyota just slipped a notch or two down in my overall opinion of them as a company.

Yeah saw that one. It would be a hit with 8th graders but not so sure for adults.

Funny commercial. It would stick with you, you would talk about it at work and with freinds so the advert would spread… all marks of a great commercial.

How many times have you talked about a great Superbowl commercial that you couldn’t remember the advertised product? That is a failed ad!

Cute! I wish the fun police were not in charge,

Why would that make them slip a notch in your opinion of them as a company. They’ve got a specific market in mind and are advertising to them.

I think it’s funny but then again my sense of humor is quite juvenile. There’s nothing like spending Sunday breakfast trading jokes with my second grader son, much to the dismay of my wife and daughter.

I don’t care how old I get. Fart jokes will always be funny.

I LOVE it!!!
Thanks for the link.

Not to be an old fuddy duddy but we tried a different place for Sunday breakfast this morning at an old hotel that was highly recommended. While the food was good and the prices good, the people were all dressed in jeans and sweatshirts with many having the hunting caps on. I mean at least take your caps off while eating. Juvenile jokes are one thing but the cap should come off when you come through the door. That’d get you 100 push ups in my day but my mom drilled it into my head as a youth and said only (ethnic group) eat with their caps on.

Duly noted, Bing but…What in the world does that rant have to do with a Toyota commercial aired on German TV?

“Duly noted, Bing but…What in the world does that rant have to do with a Toyota commercial aired on German TV?”

Nothing. It was in reaction to ASE’s Sunday breakfast jokes. And we drove there.

I just copied the link. Whenever I need a laugh it’ll give me a place to get one.

We saw the ad last summer in Europe and the first thing I told my kids was that the FCC would have a problem with the humor in the ad.

On another note, this Toyota was on the list of cars they better just keep in Europe in the cartalk blog.

It’s really pathetic to think any regulator would have any problem whatsoever with that ad.
We are truly way, way, way overregulated. To the point of insanity.

In answer to your question @asemaster Toyota slipped a notch or two in my opinion because the ad is “lowbrow” humor. It’s funny but it has no place in the corporate world. Some people will associate Toyota with dog pee and that’s never a good thing when you are trying to sell cars. Here’s a quote from a dictionary website: “Videos that become wildly popular on the internet tend to be lowbrow.” This video commercial fits that statement to a “t.”

@missileman ; I think it might be because you (& I) are not the target audience for the ad and the car. It is a car for a new driver, probably a teenager.

I agree @galant but this commercial may come back to bite Toyota in their rear bumper.

That list of Euro cars he won’t miss is very strange. Most of the cars on there are a decade or more old and fairly ordinary. The current Multipla has had a more conventional front end for many years and that 500 is a couple of generations old, at least. The current one has been sold here for a few years with reasonable popularity, and had been sold in Europe for a few years before we got it.

Most of the cars on the list weren’t especially bad. Sure, they were smaller than most American cars, narrower almost always, but not really bad, just unfamiliar. The Ka was an interesting little car that was much praised for its styling, and the Alfas of that era (a good many years back) were exceptionally attractive. The 155 wasn’t the prettiest of Alfas, but it is OK. The Multipla was controversial with its original front end, and the Micra is the butt of a lot of jokes because the average driver is an old lady and the styling is a bit too cute, like a toy car. The rest are forgettable.

Anyhow, it would be easy enough to put together a list of current European cars we’re better off without, but this list is not it. I suspect it has been passed around for a decade.

Well I agree it’s “lowbrow.” So are fart jokes, the movie “Bad Santa”, and old Hee Haw reruns. But they’re all damn funny and have their place. The commercial isn’t advertising a Sienna or an Avalon, in which case lowbrow would be wrong. The ad isn’t for the corporate world. It’s for the young hipster crowd. Think of it along the lines of the Kia Soul Hamster commercial.

To my mind it isn’t lowbrow. To my mind it creates an image of the car as a living, breathing pet rather than simply a car. It takes the owner/car relationship beyond the inert machinery level. I’m guessing that the primary target market for these cars is young women, owners who name their cars, youth who “love” their cars.

Bottom line is that I enjoyed the commercial, and if I were in the market for an econobox it would make me want to stop by the dealer’s for a look.