GM. Not Real Actors

But how true!



Remembering free cordless cigarette lighter in commercials,

I personally think the new GM ad campaign is pathetic. Insulting, even.
I wonder if it sells cars… I have to assume the ads were tested by their marketing people before being released to the general public, but I still find them downright stupid. People getting excited about new cars/trucks in a closed room in a controlled environment, solely based on looks, without even hearing them run? I ain’t buyin’ it. They MUST be acting!

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The space where the letters " GM " are in that sentence could be replaced with so many company names a person couldn’t count them.

LOL, that’s true, but this being a car forum and the OP having specifically posted about the Chevy ads… :grin:

Besides, I personally find the Chevy ones pathetic beyond the normal level of pathetic…
I have to admit, however, that for enough greenbacks I could act excited too… :money_mouth:
They can contact me at 603-XXX-XXXX.

I have noticed in recent years that when a person on the street and especially a witness being interviewed for a news program have a TV camera pointed at them they tend to immediately start Auditioning/Acting. Perhaps it is a result of the far to many “reality” TV shows.

I just laugh at testimonials and have disregarded them for years. Like I care whether an actor thinks I should get a reverse mortgage? Or some lady thinks I should take a pill to make her more attractive? Man, everything from cars to back braces to buying gold with famous and not so famous people thinking I should care what they say? After all, they wouldn’t be doing it if they didn’t need the money. So what does that say about them? Then the guy that wants to share his real estate success with me, just because. Yeah sure. I really don’t know why these companies pay for these ad agencies to come up with this stuff.

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We had this conversation a few months ago. Since everyone is posting the same stuff they did then, so will I!

They are real people, not actors. GM selected a large number of people and put them into groups to record the commercial. The marketers probably interviewed the people before they created the groups to optimize the groups. Then they went through the script that the narrator (he’s and actor) and crew were aware of but the focus groups are not. Once they record a whole heap of focus groups in action, they edit the recording to provide the footage you see.

It’s just business. All of the auto companies try to get you to buy their cars one way or another. I recall a Nissan commercial for a sedan where they put fake ground effects on them to make them seem like race cars and then took a load of people on a wild ride around the track. At the end, the ground effects were removed to reveal a stock sedan. I’m sure those people were not actors either. I’m also sure that the ones we saw in the commercial never took a turn faster than 5 MPH. Of course they were impressed by the handling they never knew existed on a stock sedan. If you read reviews of the cars in the commercials, you will find that the reviewers agree in many cases. The Chevy Malibu does have an upscale interior that could be mistaken for an entry level luxury sedan as one example. IMO some people just don’t like GM and are looking for another reason to beat on them.

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I agree totally!
Besides, GM does have some very nice products!

The GM ads take real people and have them act, instead of using actors who are acting. What’s the difference? I see dumb commercials from so many businesses and I am only slightly amused by all the ads, as @bing has indicated. Some would argue, but I don’t think they have any influence on me at all.

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After their Chevy commercial of a few months ago, in which every one of these “real” people were only able to utter the word, “Wow!”, repeatedly upon viewing a new Chevy, I have learned to mute the sound on my TV as soon as any Chevy commercial appears.

…ad infinitum, ad nauseam…

But so many people buy cars this way. Just look at the current crop of cars …

I find the ads refreshing after the ads featuring people disfigured by burning tobacco, smoke-less tobacco, and people suffering from gas, bloating, and temporary irregularity (one of my favorite oxymorrons), abused dogs chained to who knows what…

Those GM ads get my attention! Besides, GM offers some fine vehicles. :slight_smile:

Or don’t buy cars such as the Pontiac Aztec.

Awww, just bring back the “Tiger Paws” tire TV ads from years ago. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Point made. I cannot even debate it.

Several years ago, I bought a 2 year old used car, which had Tiger Paws

I got very good usage out of those tires. No complaints

I had a set of G/70/15 Tiger Paws. Excellent tires.

I watched and only made it to 40 seconds and had to stop it, way too annoying. This is why I stopped watching TV years ago.

This is why I have TIVO with the commercial skip feature and Satellite radio.

I thought Donald Trump and I were the only one who still used Tivos

I only mentioned him because it was mentioned in a newspaper article in today’s Los Angeles Times

Nice to know there’s at least 3 of us :thumbsup: