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Stupid Car Commercials

Here’s one from Infinty

How do you dig a hole in frozen ground, and then water the planted tree in the winter?

If this were my daily commute, I might consider the vehicle.

And from this commercial, what the hell are they talking about?

Anybody else seen stupid car commercials?


I guess I am missing the point. I thought all car commercials were stupid by design.


In a determined effort to find the marketing firm of a politician several years ago I fell onto an ad for a political marketing firm that basically guaranteed they could sell refrigerators to Eskimos if the money was right. I wondered at the time if they had been responsible for the re-election of a former D.C. mayor.

We really are suckers for the marketers. Forty-five years ago I bought a new Vega. I felt sure I could trust Chevrolet.

I thought all commercials ware beyond reality!!!

“Try this new drug to cure your acne”
"Do not take this drug if you are allergic to any of the ingredients"
If I knew the ingredients I’d probably make the crap myself

" Sometimes this drug causes a rash, hives, makes some people suicidal, and in some cases has caused death"

Lets see…Acne!!! Death!!! I’ll take the acne.

As a Teen I had a little acne. I’d slit the pimples with a razor blade and then scrub them hard with my dads "Old Spice"
Cured mine!!!


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The all time stupidest was a Dunkin Doughnuts commercial from the early 80’s. A woman is driving her two kids home with a box of doughnuts in the passenger seal. She spends the whole commercial either looking at the box or dreaming about its contents, never looking where she is going.

I see the same thing in a lot of movies and TV shows, eyes not on the road for long periods of time, and no accidents. Not reality.

“Most doctors recommended Camels over all other brands of cigarettes.” Of course when that ad was running hospitals had ashtrays next to every bed and at the nurses’ station. But then what tripe are we being sold today? Could Edward R Murrah and Walter Cronkite find a job these days at one of the ‘Noooz’ channels? But would either apply?

The good news about most commercials is that they are intentionally targeted to younger people, usually under age 35 -40. So once you reach 50 and older you’ll notice they are not selling anything you remotely need or want anymore. Hardly any commercials are intentionally made for people 50+ except drug commercials, since one you hit 50 we all know you’re at Death’s Door. In reality, 50 is going to be the half-life for more and more of us.

Car commercials also tend to be specifically aimed at men, not women. You know why? Because studies have shown that when men splurge on purchases they splurge on big ticket items. Women tend to splurge on smaller ticket items like a special item of clothing or a new appliance.

Then there’s the ones selling the car battery .
They show, that just because it can start right up a cold snow covered car . . .
that is must be o.k. to crank on the wipers without clearing any snow or ice . . .
THEN ! ! !
procede to drive away without clearing any and all of the other windows ! ! !

You want to see ads directed to us “elderly” folks? Watch the evening network news. It’s all drugs.

Car ads? Nuts, mostly. Who would buy a car because you saw an ad where it was sliding sideways across a snowy field? Someone thinks that’s attractive. Or the Volvo ad that @Tester showed us? Not one single car on the road except the Volvo. So, I need a new Volvo to experience the joy of an empty road? Seriously? @Rod_Knox would have enjoyed that ride in his Vega.

Mazda does have some good ads about the joy of a solid handling car, but most car ads are just junk.

They should’ve banned direct to consumer drug advertising years ago…let the doctors and pharmacists work together to determine the best course of therapy… :rage::rage::rage:

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The latest Share The Love ads from Subaru kind of make me want to upchuck…

There was a time when some car commercials were kind of funny. Some may remember the mid 70s VW Beetle ads with the car on a lift and a bunch of actuators opening and slamming the doors, the trunk and engine compartment lids and everything else at the same time.

That sounds like my neighbors kids.

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I recall a VW commercial that opened with a view of a howling blizzard on a city street with a single Beetle driving through the storm and the announcer asking if anyone ever wondered how the snow plow driver got to work. It was likely a successful commercial.

I always thought the “It takes a Prius to catch a Prius” commercials were pretty awful. I’m not fond of the GM Christmas commercials, either.

I definitely recall that as a print ad, not as a TV commercial.
The black & white photo showed a VW Beetle with deep snow tracks behind it, parked adjacent to a snowplow, and the bold-face caption on the photo was Did you ever wonder how the snow plow driver gets to the snow plow?

The ad agency that did VW’s print ads back in those days won a lot of awards for their extremely creative–yet simple–advertising.


…and yet, there are those who want everything to be deregulated, so that businesses can do essentially anything that they want to do. The deregulation of pharmaceutical advertising is a perfect example of why we do need regulations in many instances, and in regard to many industries.


One VW TV ad I liked was about how the early morning DJ for a radio station in snow country relied on his VW Beetle to get to work early in the morning, before the roads had been plowed. The showed him driving in the wee hours of the dawn on a road covered with a foot of snow, the optimally-configured-for-snow rear wheel drive/rear engine Beetle not complaining at all.

I did notice that weird ad Tester mentioned, but with what you see on tv these days being so over the top, I guess I just ignored it and switched the channel … lol … definitely didn’t leave any lasting impresssion.

To be honest, pharmaceutical advertising has never really been regulated to start with…Big Pharm is long overdue for regulation…doubt it’ll happen anytime soon.


Here’s the VW commercial I was talking about…