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Ultimate Guy and Chick Cars

Ummm, I hate to “spoil” your fun, Spoiler13, but I don’t think you have it quite right. Speaking for the ladies here, there are few things we hate more in a man then when A) he thinks he knows “what women want” and B) he thinks a sleek car makes him more desirable. Women are quick to say they admire your Prius because they like it, and because it presents you as a kind of guy who is secure enough in his manhood to drive one with confidence. When you drive something like a NSX and think it is making your women “hot and bothered,” that is you projecting your desired response on to them. Unless the women you go with are really dumb and easily impressed, most women read your revving the engine on an NSX as overcompensation. Women find that kind of stuff really tacky and uncomfortable. To think they are getting all excited when you pull up to a restaurant in that NSX…they are probably just glad to get out of your car! We don’t want “raw power.” It’s thinking like that that keeps you a SINGLE mature guy instead of a married one…no offense. Drive your Prius- that takes real confidence and secureness in your manhood. And when a woman shows genuine interest in something, like your Prius, listen to her and believe her. Trust me, we know what we like- don’t assume you know we feel differently. Keep that in mind, and you won’t be single for long. Best of luck!

Maybe the answer from Tom and Ray would be something like “not if you want to get a date!” But, ladies I’m curious - enlighten me please… Minivans are nice roomy vehicles, quiet, lots of cupholders for the driver, can tow a boat and take my child and friends to Six Flags. Would having a minivan indicate that I want to turn my woman into a soccer mom?

I drive a Champaign Yellow 1969 Porsche Targa which always seems to get guys’ attention. Heads turn where ever I drive it. I’ve even received spontaneous marriage proposals from guys when I pull up to a stop light.

I can’t tell you specifically what model of “guy car” attracts me but I can give you some attributes. The car would need to be a classic design, uncommon, and nimble, favoring handling over power.

Absolute turn-offs are SUVs, pickups, anything jacked up with fat tires, and anything that makes lots of noise, with a red line below 5000 RPM and can only go fast in a straight line.

My opinion is that the worst look for either gender is the trash vehicle, with a back seat full of garbage and the last wash done at the dealership before handing over the keys.

As a guy, my first response would be that women would want one of the following: a slick and virile hunk in a muscle car, a truck-driving “man’s man”, or a cool and debonair gentleman in a car that costs more than most houses. I would say the choice would depend mostly on the age of the woman.

My sister says that the female instinct is to be attracted to men that can obviously be a provider, so in that case whatever you drive should exude (display conspicuously or abundantly) wealth/power and not announce current entanglements. I would therefore suggest a minivan with baby seats would be an effective babe repulsor, though if you are looking for current moms this might be an option.

As a guy I think I prefer women who drive “feminine” small cars/light trucks. Again, the minivan soccer mom look is probably the least enchanting.

Are you thinking of buying one, or do you already own it? I would NOT BUY one if you want to attract a woman. That’s just not an option. Minivans really are a late 90s, early 2000s thing. You can drive your kid and friends in any car-and i find I like to be in a sedan type with a guy, cause it feels more intimate- but if your friends take up a lot of space, you can get an SUV or something (which isn’t THE most attractive male car, either, but a definite step up from a minivan…maybe get it to run on an alternative fuel- that would make it better) and that has all the same features as a van except they aren’t quiet, they cost more, and they don’t look quite as much like mom-mobiles (this is why SUVs are now the NEW mom-mobile, but they maintain gender neutrality). However, if you already OWN the minivan, there are certain ways to work it. I’m guessing you are youngish, seeing that you go to Six Flags with your friends (if you aren’t youngish, the minivan might be the least of your problems…). A youngish guy can work a minivan by keeping the interior clean (no cheerios in the cupholders, unless you are under 23) and rocking some interesting and tasteful bumper stickers. Put on a music band sticker, a funny political or observational sticker, and then one that says “i’m a sensative, aware guy who cares about stuff,” like “i break for animals” or “coexist” or, if that’s not your thing, one of those place stickers that have letters inside a black on white oval- that shows that you’ve been places and are interesting, maybe an adventurous type. You have to be young to pull this off. No six flags bumper sticker. Keep it down to these distinct, 3 stickers, unless your kid was on the honor roll. Otherwise, just say you thought about getting a prius, but thought a minivan was safer for your kid (which shows you are a nice guy AND you already know how to take care of your kid, so you don’t need her to do it for you). That will get you INFINITE brownie points. Good luck!

Personally, as a chick who likes cars, I would notice ANY guy who’s driving something purchased (or looks like it was purchased) at a Barrett-Jackson auto auction. Well, I’d notice his car, anyway! Classic cars, unique customs, I like to look at them all.

Can anyone explain the TAGS on this one? what the…

To my way of thinking The Chick Car of All Time was the original Plymouth Barracuda–you know, the ones that were really just a Plymouth Valiant with a HUGE fastback rear window grafted onto the body. Years ago, whenever I saw one of these cars, it was always driven by a woman, with no exceptions.

While those original Barracudas were obviously Chick Cars, I am guessing that Tom and Ray only had more recent car models in mind for their list. But, if they are willing to open the competition to older vehicles, the Barracuda deserves to be at the top of the list of Chick Cars.

My Chevelle was always a head turner whenever I drove it. Mainly I think it was the choice of color, more than the actual car, that attracted attention. A shiny bright blue car isn’t seen as much as red or black from that era.
Also, first gen Mustangs were probably considered chick cars way back when they first started, especially since they were advertised as a sports car you could buy on a secretaries salary. Then, along came Carrol Shelby:

for my straight female friends, any nice car will work except we say no to guys in Hummers, the family van, and monster style trucks. Jaquar, rolls royce, bentleys will always get our attention, but so can any clean car.
For my lesbian friends, it is definitely the suburu wagon…it has a place to haul your two kayaks, dogs and camping gear, so it is perfect. But, a prius or other envirconmentally friendly car will get our attention.

For your information I am a lot older than you think, but do have vegetarian, anti death penalty stickers, etc. No, I have not bought the minivan yet. The trouble with SUVs is that they are overengineered and consume too much gas - more than a minivan.
“if you aren’t youngish, the minivan might be the least of your problems…” Whoa! Not much I can do about that one! Any other ladies care to comment? Thanks

I don’t know that there would be any difference between a “Guy” car and a “Gay” (male) car. The exception may be that the gay man might be less concerned if the car is ‘macho’ or ‘girly’ and more if it a certain style that appeals to them. I’ve had Mazdas (GLC, 626, MX-6) Fords (Festiva, Crown Victoria, Focus) Plymouth Voyager, Scion xB, smart fortwo. Does this mean I’m straight or gay?

When I met my boyfriend 4 years ago I was driving a Saab 9-3 and he was driving a 1993 Geo Metro (1 liter, 3 cylinders!). We’re still together, I am driving a Volvo and he is still driving his Metro.

Was it his car that attracted me to him? Tangentially, yes. Here was a man who could afford a nicer or sportier or whateverier car but he chose this car because it was fuel efficient, minimal, inexpensive to insure and did not require much of his time or energy. He didn’t just pay hipster lip service to not caring what anyone thought of him or his car, he truly did not care so long as his car did for him what he needed it to do (transport him).

There are a million reasons why he’s a keeper, but on our second date, when I saw the car I knew I’d found a good one!

Well you guys said you wanted to hear a lesbian’s point of view, so here ya go!

If we were talking older cars, I’d say Honda Civic Del Sol was the chick car, and the Monte Carlo SS was the guy car.

But since we’re talking newer cars, I’d say the Mini Cooper is the chick car of today, and the Ford F-150 seems to be the guy’s choice these days. :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry- I just reread your original post, and I really got what you said wrong. I assumed you were young because I misread what you said about six flags- I thought you meant taking YOUR friends to six flags, not your child’s. Terribly sorry about that. Within that context, my other comment might make a bit more sense…see, what I meant by the youngish/least of your problems thing was that if you are not on the younger side and you still go to six flags with your buddies, so much that it’s a priority in your choice of vehicle, women might find that a turn off. Complete misunderstanding! So sorry! You sound like a cool, nice guy, with good taste in stickers. Yeah, I don’t like SUVs, either. So my suggestion is to get the minivan, keep it clean, and tell women that you got the car because you thought it was the safest for your kid, and that will avoid any problems with her thinking you expect her to be the child’s mom (based on what you drive), and it will show what a smart, responsible, caring guy you are. And if you want to get one of the more attractive, fun minivan-types- mazda put one out a few years ago…mazda mvp…they had terrible pick-up, but that has been improved by now- I’d recommend it. It doesn’t look quite so much like a dodge minivan of the van craze, and it is more intimate when you are driving with your date. It has the same interior room as a normal van, it’s just not as hulky and dated on the outside, and looks more sporty. Oh, and the windows on the bucket seat row actually go down- a huge plus for your back and mid- seated passengers. I’m not sure if it could tow your boat- you’d have to ask a dealer. Please ignore my first comment- It came out oh so wrong! I hope you find this comment more helpful. Attached is a picture of the Mazda MVP, from cars/mazda/mvp/

You people have it all wrong. The ultimate chick-magnate is a motorcycle. I’m pretty sure I’d be a 38-y.o. virgin if I didn’t ride bikes. In my pickup (05 dodge ram diesel) I get nothing. On the bike (a BMW right now), in my leathers, I get lots of requests for “rides”.

I know soooo many lesbians who drive a Subaru! That’s got to be the ultimate lesbian car…

Re: what kind of car a woman likes in a man. The answer for those of us intellectual women in the snowy and sometimes frigid north (like Maine) is: any car with good gas mileage that is not drafty and has HEATED SEATS. I tell you, heated seats are the best chick magnet I know of…

You have Mustangs listed as the #1 Guy Car… I will say that depends on the type of Mustang… If it’s not a Mustang GT than it is more of a chick car than a guy car. I see more women driving Mustangs than guys… unless the Mustang is a GT which I don’t see as much of.

As a guy, I feel that the ultimate “chick” car is the one which both looks and is well-maintained. A woman who has neither the time, interest, or financial ability to properly maintain a vehicle is a BIG red flag. A well-maintained gold-colored 4 door Camry which is owned by a woman gives me much better vibes than a poor-looking and poorly-maintained VW Beetle Convertible.