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Chick car or guy car

i wanted a car for my 18 birthday and was wondering is the vw gti and the toyota celica a chick car.

IMHO, the GTI is a guy car.
It is for a guy who is very handy with tools and a volt-meter, or who has an unlimited budget for repairs at his mechanic’s shop.

With the Celica, it depends upon the model.
The Celica ST is the “Secretarial Transport” model.
The more exotic Celica models move and handle reasonably well, and as long as they were not abused by the previous owner(s), will spend far less time in the repair shop than the GTI.

I can’t imagine why these would be considered chick cars. Unless it’s are pink. A Miata with auto trans is a chick car.

One phrase comes to mind:
“It takes a real man to drive a ‘chick’ car”

Life is too short to worry about labeling who drives what kinda car. Test drive both and see which one you like best, have it inspected by a mechanic before you buy it, and drive happy.

Instead of a gti, get a gto. They’re both chick cars in my opinion.

When your 18 years old, image matters. This is the age when people would rather die than be seen in an uncool car.
That’s what’s so cool about being an old geezer, it’s liberating, you can drive anything you want because you finally understand that the rest of the world will little note nor long remember exactly what kind of car you drive.
If you doubt this, name the types of cars your school teachers drive, brand, year model, type. I bet can’t.

Car’s don’t have sex. If you are worried about what someone else will think of your choice of a car, I suggest you consider this. If the big man on campus or the campus queen, were to chose the car, then the car would become a guy’s car or a chick car based on who bought it.

The big man or the campus queen, get to buy whatever car they like and everyone else follows behind them.  One reason they are leaders is because they don't spend their time worrying about what other people think.  Get what YOU want and don't worry about what others think.  If they don't like it, tough.

Ask the girls you’re trying to impress which one you should buy.

The only thing I ever cared about when selecting a car is whether I myself liked it or not. When I was 18 the only thing on my mind was how to avoid Viet Nam.

I’m Not Sure What You’re Asking. We Don’t Know If You’re A “Chick” Or A “Guy”.

What you want is a “magnet” car.

If you’re a chick, you need a “guy magnet” car.

If you’re a guy, you need a “chick magnet” car.

I’d forget about what you like, get one that has the strongest “magnetic” pull to it! On the other hand, some cars pull both genders quite well.

I remember cruising around in a Porsche 934 with fat tires and a whale tail. It turned both types of heads.

A guy I know had a 427 Cobra (The real Cobra . . . you know . . . aluminum body, etcetera). He went to sell it and ran an ad in Car & Driver magazine. He received a couple of offers and many marriage proposals from around the country.

Which gender do you prefer and what’s your price range?


Your post made me laugh. The only thing most women know about a Cobra is that anyone who owns one must be rollin’ in dough. If you asked most people who Carroll Shelby is, they’d probably guess “the local butcher?”. It’s the perception of money that creates the attraction. Money has flux lines.

If I were you, I’d get a vehicle that takes me from point A to point B, safely, and very reliable, without using a whole lotta fuel. Where insurance is relativly cheap and you can make all your payments on time.

Encore, Please Talk To Us. Help Us Fine Tune The Advice.

If a chick magnet is what you seek, forget about cars altogether, forget about motorcycles also.
Here is your ultimate chick magnet!!

I was 19 before i even got my license, and even then, I didn’t really care what I got(a 91 Chevy Corsica). I haven’t been to school in several years, so I wouldn’t know who drives what, and I wasn’t interested in cars back even in high school.
Though I can remember one of my Jr. High teachers driving a Beretta I believe. It was the first car I seen with door handles not below the window(it was on the door pillar). I only remember that because I’d be walking to school and she’d offer me a ride when it was cold out

Who would want something smaller than the shoes they wear?

No, they’d say “Who is she”?

Who? I dunno, but take that dog for a walk and you’ll meet every chick in sight. Trust me. Way more effective than posing next to a fancy car.

I hear horses work well also but unless you own a lot of land, they are money pits.

I’d say the GTI is a guy car and the Celica depends.

I disagree. THIS is the ultimate chick magnet…

I’d suggest you buy the Toyota. You’d look much cooler driving the Toyota than pushing the VW.