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Turn signal switch 2004 buick park avenue

I want to replace turn signal switch. Do I have to take steering wheel off? The steering whell cover is split in two so I think I should be able to just remove that but I don’t know how to get past the tilt lever and the key portion. Help? Should I try the electronic repair spray. Directionals don’t work. They were sporadic for a while and they just quit. I

GM multifunction switches (turn signal, cruise, wiper, etc)of this era were problematic. I replaced the multifunction switch on a 2000 Blazer about 5 years ago. I found the direction on the NHSTA web site. The instructions were part of the documentation for a listed recall. Without step by step directions I would not attempt this repair.

Before you attempt to replace the switch try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner into the base of the switch at the steering column to clean the electrical contacts.

Ed B.