1990 Chevy S-10 turn signal/wiper problem


Windshield wipers start on occasion when the right or left turn signal is turned on. For info, the turn signal rod also contains the wipers and wash switch, intermittent wiper switch, high/low beam headlight switch, and cruise control switch. Also, the truck is 18 years old and has 131,000 miles.

I’m thinking that the turn signal rod itself, the signal switch assembly inside the steering column, or both are worn out.

Before I pull the steering wheel, I would appreciate any advice on what may be causing the problem.

Thanks, Fred


That sounds like it may be the clock spring. Hopefully you will BA able to tell when you take it apart. Good Luck.


If you take apart the steering wheel to get to this, its probably not smart to try and fix the old switch. It’s just too much work to get to it. Once you get the wheel off, replace the switch if the old one is worn out.


It is most likely the multi-function switch needs replaced. They are costly @ $300.00 but easy to change.


I might add you do not need to remove the steering wheel for this repair. Remove the top and bottom column covers to access the switch. Also it would not be a clock-spring as mentioned earlier because these switches are not on the wheel. They are before the clock spring.


I replaced the multifunction switch on my 2000 Blazer last year, the part was ~200 from the dealer and the steering wheel did not have to be removed.

However your turn signal switch is an older style similar to the one on my 1993 Caprice. Advance Auto lists the following switches to fit your truck.


The switches listed are less expensive ($40 to $70), but I’m pretty sure you have to remove the steering wheel to replace the switch though. If you can remove the steering column cover, try spraying the switch mechanism with WD-40 or electrical contact cleaner to clean the contacts first. A Chevrolet dealer should be able to look up the correct parts if you supply them the Vin number for your truck.

Good luck,

Ed B.


Wow someone is having the same problem i had. I have a 91 s10 blazer that did the same thing. Replaced wiper switch in steering column.Yes steering wheel needs to come off and you need special GM tool to remove the retainer.Get switch from the dealer.


Thanks to everyone for all the input and detailed info.
I’ll try to look at the truck this weekend. Will repost as to what I find and have to replace.
Thanks again