Toolbar problem

The toolbar at the top of the comment box is all "B"s now. I have not clicked on any of them so I don’t know what they will do. Not going to find out either.

Mac Powerbook, 10.5.8, safari.

Same for TenFourFox (FireFox for older Macs).

Same for Firefox 27.0.1 under Win XP

The same for IE 11.0.3 under Windows 7.

Same again on IE 11with Windows 7. I clicked on all the “B’s” and nothing happened. Nada.

Ignore the Bs.
I just click on the text area and type away.
all is good.

Buttons for the WYSIWYG stuff are handy, but basic html formatting stuff isn’t difficult to just type in - in case anyone is missing it. This website (click) is pretty basic and easy - except now that I said that it probably won’t work (un-jinx).

I do not see a toolbar at the top of the comment box. Leave a comment is all I see, adblock plus and ghostery in ff 27.0.1

The bar has, indeed, completely disappeared.

I just noticed the same thing!

Incidentally, the formatting is really screwed-up at the current time.
No matter what I do in order to try to put text on separate lines, it all comes out as one line.

Well lets test it

do you mean like this?

If so like my favorite (not) response, It works fine for me! edit does concantonate,

now I have a new line

If you want a new line html works

-- "start new line with < p > text then end < /p > , remove the spaces in example dang it all why make life so difficult, the less keystrokes the better is my philosophy!"

Oh, look! The toolbar is back in a new, improved form! Does not appear to be fully functional, though.

The Car Talk website tool bar must be in transition. It’s hit and miss today. The toolbar on the page I’m typing this comment is exactly the same as before. But I noticed the toolbar had changed to a new improved form on an earlier Car Talk page I viewed today. An example of the compromise discussed in another thread recently about automobile technology, comparing the plus and minus of changing things in a variety of ways to potentially improve them vs standardizing for simplicity.

Newer does not always mean better!

No smileys available. :frowning:

Different problem - I frequently get redirected to, with an error message. Anyone else have this problem.

You have spamware! check your addons, disable any you don’t want, it may also require a look at uninstalling unwanted programs, or switch to firefox and add addblocker!

Mine was doing that. Seems fixed now. All icons are back.