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Replying to a post

Anyone else having trouble when typing a reply with the window jumping up and down in a half second dance? Mac desktop and Firefox. When I try to use Chrome I get no “New” button.

I have also discovered that since Firefox updated last week that I can no longer post new topics using it. I am using Safari in this post.

Morning. If anybody else is having this problem—please reply. I only have access to safari these days and it appears to be working OK for me.

Sorry to hear, @oldtimer_11…hopefully it can be resolved soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an issue, but just in case: have you restarted your computer since the update occurred?

Yes I have.

testing testing testing.
Is this thing on?

no issues here.
Win 10 Pro, Chrome v79.0.3945.130 64 bit.