Format problem

To Car Talk’s Website Experts: There’s a format problem that’s cropped up recently on the user’s activity page. Text is overwritten at the top of the page, and It’s not possible to access any of the first few recent topics links by clicking on them.

Good morning, George:

One of your colleagues sent me a message about this, and I am also having the same issue when I use IE. It does not happen when I use chrome. It’s been sent to Support.

If anybody else is using other browsers with other funky output, please chime in.


Microsoft is not really supporting IE anymore. Should switch to Chrome or if you have a Windows 10 system then switch to Edge.

We have Windows 10 and Edge and that blurred page is there for me as well.

Thanks Carolyn … I’ve recently discovered that if I click on the far-right side of the link it will go to the correct page; e.g. in the second link in the image above if I click on the “e” in “shake” it works, but if I click on “Expedition” it doesn’t.

I noticed today that this problem seems to have been fixed. Thanks again to the Car Talk Website Gurus :slight_smile: