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Toolbar problem

@Barkydog: Before you jump to conclusions, a lot of people were experiencing this problem. I doubt they all got spyware suddenly. Looks like a bug in the website’s code after an update. Seems fixed now.

I think Barkydog was talking about texases being redirected to a weird website. That is a spyware/virus kind of behavior.

Toolbar looks OK to me.

IPad iOS7.0.6 and Safari.

Hi, this should have been fixed last night. We apologize for the confusion and possible inconvenience. Please let us know if it returns, mutates, or what have you. Apparently the toolbar issue was an un intended consequence of some other updates.

The toolbar is there for me using a 7 year old Mac mini with Snow Leopard and Firefox 27.0.1, I have no idea what they do .
They look like , B, tilted I, U underlined ,S with a slash , C ,a page , an oval within an oval , and a dialogue balloon

Mine’s fine.
If you hold your endice over each button for a moment a brief description of its function will appear.

As I was @cigroller , if anyone thinks they might have bad things, Windows defender offline, I have saved a number of computers with this tool, It defaults to quick scan I cancel that and run full scan. Besure to pick 32 or 64 bit, happy surfing.

Looks fine to me

Win7 64 bit . I tried it on IE 11, Chrome 33.0.1750.117 m and Firefox 28 Beta

Yes, the process is you create a bootable cd reboot and let the action begin.

I don’t get any descriptions.

Its fixed now.