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"Attach a file" not working

“Attach a file” just stopped working for me, anyone else?

I click on the link and nothing happens.

Macintosh system 10 chrome browser

Hi all. Thanks, @BillRussell. Can a few others of you test it and let me know? It appears to be working on my phone. I will then let vanilla know.

Not working for me either. Also all the buttons at the top of the comment box are “B”'s.
I am using Firefox on Windows 10.

same problems

I can’t preview, either. It just deletes my post.
Windows 7, Internet Explorer.

cdaquila: did you do an upgrade or mod recently? I also noticed that preview doesn’t work either.

and the "B"s are there for me also.

and the edit box is misshapen, very wide.

I have the row of “B” buttons also, starting maybe a day or two ago.

New development: I can’t even get the login box to open on a desktop, so I can’t test the B thing or the box. I can only get through on the mobile version.

Here goes: testing, testing, testing.
Nope, mine’s asleep too.

Yep, all B’s and “Attach a file” is dead. iBook G4, Safari.

Same thing here, Firefox on windows 7

Same problems here with Windows 10 and IE 11.

Attach a file link is now " javascript:void(0); " , which is why it’s not working.

I also have the all B’s thing.

BBBBBBBBB & dead link. “Preview” takes me to the latest post in this thread.

Windows 10 Firefox

Dead in chrome, firefox and IE for me

All BBBB’s for me too, IE.

A system downgrade occurred yesterday, just a test run to see how you guys like it.

@cdaquila-Some of the people asking questions may not be returning because I can’t log in by the login box at the top of the home page. I have to use the sign in feature at the bottom of a thread.

Same here with Windows 7 and Firefox.

I never logoff, so logon is not a problem.