This automotive tale


… is not a no-bull situation!



Steak dinner tonight!

I’m glad no one was seriously injured. I wonder if authorities will look into why the bull wigged out.

What is the cattle equivalent of going postal?


" Police in Sussex County shot and killed a raging bull Friday after it attacked its owner and mounted an SUV. "

"Adrian!" :scream:



this story is udderly ridiculous…


I wonder if the police car was painted red.


Don’t you have your movies mixed up . . .

Robert DeNiro played in “Raging Bull”

Sounds like you were thinking of Sylvester Stallone’s iconic line from “Rocky” . . . ?


As Bart Simpson would say: Holy cow!


A Ford Taurus.


Police caught up to the raging bull by Steaking out the area.


That was no crank 911 call. Those folks had a legitimate beef!


I’m reasonably certain a diagnosis of “going postal” for a bull would involve charging and breaking fence posts.


Did the bull…have a cow?


Hanging is too good for people who make bad puns. They should be drawn and quoted.


Stampede! :mailbox_with_mail: :ox: :ox: :ox: :ox: :ox: :ox: :ox: :ox: :ox: :ox: :ox: :ox: :ox: :police_car: