Vegan Cars, Cow Farts, And PETA... What?

I don’t drive a vegan car. I know virtually nothing about cattle, cows, and bovine critters, but I always figured my leather seats were made from animal by-products. Are animals raised to become upholstery?

I guess PETA’s “beef” is that a Tesla isn’t as “green” as it claims to be. Then again, I’ve never considered electric cars to be “green,” anyhow.

Enlighten me, please.
(I wonder if Ted Nugent has thoughts on this topic?)

PETA Pressures Tesla To Drop Leather Seats by Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY

PETA - Certified Whack Jobs.

We’re to believe that PETA members don’t eat meat, wear leather shoes or belts, use leather purses or billfolds, etc, etc, etc.

As an example of how loopy that bunch can be about 10 years or so ago one of their upper echelon members made a request as part of their final wishes in this life.
They wanted their body sent to France, the epidermis removed, and turned into lampshades.

Welcome to their world…


“PETA - Certified Whack Jobs.”

Absolutely. Our commander allowed a couple of PETA members to speak at a “Commanders Call” once…but never again. I don’t know what their true agenda is but it’s something that I don’t want to be associated with.

I’m a big animal lover. I support my local animal shelter…I’ve adopted stray cats and dogs over the years…with that said…I think PETA is complete WACO also.

I also think Ted Nugent is complete WACO also. Actually way more WACO then PETA.

I have 3 dogs and all were from animal shelters. If I could keep more…I would. I got to hear Ted Nugent speak at a hunting/fishing club in Alaska years ago. He talked for about 2 minutes and the packed room began filing out the door. I lasted about 5 minutes before I left. I loved his music but his politics are something right out of a nut house. I think he’s mentally ill just like Bruce Jenner.

PETA; People eating tasty animals.

They had a promotional TV ad in Madison Wi. one year, trying to prompt the college students to switch from drinking milk to drinking beer…because it is so cruel to milk cows.

As if college students need any help!!!

Then they complained to …I think it was Dannon Yogurt. Whoever it is that makes the containers larger in the bottom than the tops.
They claimed that skunks would find the empties and while trying to get the last out of the bottom…their heads would become stuck and they would be trapped and blind to their surroundings.

Good point, but couldn’t they use squirrels, muskrats, rabbits, or opossum’s…anything but skunks.
I closed my eyes and all I could picture was “Peppy Le Pew” his head stuck in a container, bumping into trees & lamp posts…getting missed by fractions of an inch by a semi tire, and just being missed by a pile driver. (all good cartoons had a pile driver)

But to answer @common sense Answer’s question.
Cows are not bred for their skins. The skin is a byproduct of the butchering process, as are almost every other part. They have found uses for almost all of the waste. Even the bones are dried, ground up and used for garden fertilizer.

I think my chicken sandwich from the gas station the other day was lips and eyeballs!!!


bull lips are used for crabbing trotlines…

I loved his music but his politics are something right out of a nut house.

That’s only part of the reason I don’t like him…Admitted draft dodger…yet all for sending our kids over to Iraq. Total Scum.

@Yosemite has the line Ted Nugent would agree with, — every part of the cow is used for something, nothing goes to waste.

Regardless of Ted’s politics, as a hunter, his philosophy is to eat what he kills and use the rest as completely as he can. He doesn’t hunt purely for sport just to waste the meat.

PETA doesn’t want you eating anything with a face. Not sure what they think of something with a face eating THEM. Maybe their tune would change if confronted with one of Florida’s several man-munching predators. Gators, monitor lizards, 16 foot snakes or bull sharks plus the odd mosquito with a tail number.

Morning! Could you please incorporate some automotive discussion into this thread?

(And, PETA, if you’re looking, no animals were harmed in the creation of this message. ;-))

Concerning how ‘‘GREEN’’ a vehicle is…
You have to look all the way down to the production proccess and raw materials.
Mining , refining, production , factories ( energy use, building materials, property use ), hazardous materials used in mfg, haz mat disposal, products used in the final consumer item ( aluminum, steel, plastics, lead, paints, lithium )

Henry Ford spent some time into designing a car built from Hemp…also run on bio-fuel from Hemp. The Green car isn’t a new idea.

cdaquila You posted as I was doing exactly that. Another group of total “Whackos” is the Sierra Club. In 2001 an aging “Hippie” female rang my doorbell. She was selling SC memberships and soliciting signatures on a petition seeking to ban recreational motor vehicle off-roading. When I inquired. “Why would she expect either one from me, when she had just walked past my 1991 Jeep Cherokee in the driveway”? She had absolutely no comprehension of my question. Supporters of these causes typically cannot understand why everyone on the planet does not see things their way. My city also enforces “Green River” law which requires solicitors to obtain a permit. When I asked if she had one she did not think it would apply to organizations whose goal was saving our environment. Think again! 30 years ago SC, PETA, and others were instrumental in destroying our timber industry to save the spotted owl. Many, many jobs suddenly disappeared. I read an article yesterday that the declining spotted owl population had actually accelerated in the past 30 years. I guess logging was not the problem. I will not hold my breath waiting for any of these misguided idiots to admit they were wrong.

Thanks for the chuckle cdaquila and I might add that I was laughing while riding with my wife in her Nissan Sentra. I was checking up on Cartalk on my new AT&T Samsung Mega 2 smart phone. My great nephew calls it a phablet. We went down to the local AT&T in his Honda Accord to pick it up. I bought him lunch at Wendy’s and we both had the Baconator (take that PETA) combo.


They wanted their body sent to France, the epidermis removed, and turned into lampshades.

There was this guy in Wisconsin named Ed Gein who would have been happy to accommodate them. :wink:

PETA is barking up the wrong tree… As usual. This one is not quite as bad as the time they tried to re-brand fish as “sea kittens” so that people wouldn’t want to eat the cuddly little things, but it’s pretty close.

Tesla isn’t an animal-rights car. It’s an anti-gas car. There is nothing ethically inconsistent with putting leather seats in an electric car. Further, removing leather seats from a $120,000 luxury car is a great way to ensure that the luxury car crowd goes looking elsewhere for their transportation.

If PETA’s objection to leather seats is partially based on the fact that cows emit methane and methane is bad for the environment, then I take it PETA also objects to protecting wetlands, because wetlands are a very significant (20-odd-percent) source of atmospheric methane.

nobody cared about seeing an owl from their CAR window, it was the forest that was worth saving. the owl was just a pawn in their game. I think the whole strategy was flawed. no one cares about some non descript little owl flying by their CAR window, but they love an old growth forest. it was effective, but they lost the hearts and minds they could have won.

save the forests!!!

Keeping it automotive:
PETA should be happy that folks are driving Teslas.
The horses they’d otherwise be riding can relax.

My Sides Were Splitting! I’m Still Laughing Pretty Hard, But I’ll Try To Add Some Comments.

Regarding Ted Nugent, take him or leave, but I’ve heard him on radio shows debating a PETA (or PITA) person and it is absolutely hilarious entertainment (and also a little very educational for the PETA spokesperson). Ted knows the outdoors and a thing or two about the balance of nature. And as he says, “Have you ever seen what those animals do to each other?”

I’m sure you’ve seen the bumpers stickers, “There’s room for all of God’s animals… right next to the mashed potatoes.”

And bringing it back around to cars, so that I’m not accused of animal cruelty, I use Armor-All Leather Care Gel on my non-vegan car seats and they love it! It makes them soft and smelling like new leather!


Guess who wrote a $50 million check to the Sierra Club to fight coal? Former NY mayor. I can see going without a leather interior, but in Minnesota going without shoes would be tough.