The site is broken


I get no scroll bar on the left ever, but I do get the reply at the bottom, maybe my responses are too short.


Make sure you are not using Internet Explorer as many developers have started phasing out support for that browser. Switch to Edge (if you are using IE) or another browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. I would also clear your browser cache, as that seems to cause 90% of my web page hiccups and clearing it resolves my problems most of the time. Good luck!!!


I tried to post a photo from my computer in a response to a thread yesterday and I had the exact same issue that mountainbike had above. Windows XP and Internet Explorer.


Thank you, my good lady! It’s a relief to know I haven’t lost my mind!
Well, I HAVE lost my mind, but anyways…

I played a bit more. It seems that if I raise the upper border of the reply windows all the way to the top, the scroll bar reappears, as long as it raises the reply to where it’s all showing.

Weird. I guess this is why I never pursued computer technology as a field. Those of you who did have my deepest respect. And empathy.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been called a lady!


Try switching to Firefox or Chrome. I don’t think Edge will work in XP, but I ran Firefox in XP way back when :sunglasses:


Sincere thanks for the suggestion, but we had so many problems with Chrome at the college that the IT guys had to remove it from all the computers… hundreds of them. I’ve become reticent to download new programs due to such experiences.


I don’t doubt you, but the above was just uploaded from my 2004 Compaq laptop running XP and Chrome (the only browser I could get to run reliably).



It’s a beautiful photo. I’m happy that Chrome is working well for you.


so many of you running XP.

May I suggest an upgrade? Perhaps to


on a more serious note:
have you tried uploading a different photo, or different types of photos? png? jpg? gif?

Win 7, Chrome here, and it appears to be working.


Yup. Tried that to no avail. Image type is irrelevant.

As much as I appreciate your suggestions to upload new programs, unless I can get a solid handle on exactly why this suddenly started happening, my feeling is that blindly throwing new programs at it is likely to do nothing but complicate the problem. To me it’s analogous to “shotgun maintenance” on a car.


And to think I got called grandpa because I still have both a laptop and a desk top running XP. Don’t tell any one but I’m not even 55 yet. :wink:


It’s certainly had some stumbles, but it works pretty well for us at work (I personally prefer Firefox at home)


one two three four

Was curious. Chrome on Win7 Pro. Works normally.
I have completely abandoned IE on every computing device I use due to the number of incompatibilities and lack of support for certain standards.

If you have automatic updates turned on, it may appear nothing has changed on your side when in fact, it has…