Thanks for further screwing up the site!

It now no longer appears to work correctly with Firefox… Anyone else having this problem?

The site appears to be a long list of links before I get to the content from the forums. Today is the launch of a lot of changes to the site, and the forum template is changing as well. I have already put in a request to have it looked at, and the repairs will be made as soon as possible. It appears the forums still work, but the “wrapper,” if you will, is off.

What a farqing mess.

Are any of you having difficulty clicking on usernames to access profiles? I am seeing a “Bonk” message.

I get a Bonk message.

Ever consider TESTING this before you actually launch it? It would really help alleviate this type of problem.

There’s a noticeable change in the appearance but everything seems in order. No problems here as of yet.

Thank you for your feedback. And yes, Mike, we’d been testing this for a couple of weeks; that’s why we were going live today. Obviously, we’re unpleasantly surprised.

Hmmm. It’s a FireFox thing, I suppose. It looks just fine in Safari.

IE9 is messed up, as well.

The BONK just found me. I attempted to open my name.

Haven’t gotten that bonk thing yet.

I’m running FF8 at home, with no issues. I’ve pretty much upgraded FF everytime they’ve released an update.

At work I’m forced into IE8, and I have a list of links, with the discussions (much) further down the page. I had assumed it was from a cross site CSS pull (and/or a blocked site), but reading everyone else’s problems, that may not be the case. This just started happening a week or more ago.

I also manage a few websites, and check them with IE (6, 7, 8, and 9), Opera, Safari and and FF. I have many browsers installed on various operating systems for testing purposes. I will check this site on all of them later…once I’m back home in my lab.


I’m running FF8 also…And the problem no longer exists…but it was just an hour ago.

Looks like you put it back together. Here’s another question… In Safari, I can’t log in. I enter my user name or email, and the password, and nothing happens. If I enter an incorrect password, I get a red notice in the box about case-sensitivity etc., but if I enter it correctly, nada. I’m logged in in FF just fine.

Looks like the links on top don’t work just yet.

When you say nothing happens, what do you mean? You click on the button and it doesn’t go anywhere or “think” or try to connect? It must do something, because if you put in the wrong password you get a notice. (Not being a wiseguy, but I need to know before I ask for help.)

That’s right. It goes back to a blank login screen. It works fine on my iPad, though, in safari.

OK, let me just ask some dumb questions - have you tried closing and reopening the browser, clearing any cookies, etc.?

The mechanics files link on top works. The rest are dead.

If the new look is red on top and bottom with all white background in the middle, I’m kind of liking it. The old red border was pretty intense in contrast.

Funny, because Mechanics Files weren’t working but everything else was for me. Thank you for the feedback.

I think I figured it out. I have cookies off on Safari on my iMac. I’ll check it when I get back home.

That was my login problem. Works with cookies enabled.