Website problems

I’m experiencing some problems with the website again.

The up and down arrows don’t work. I have to use the page up and page down feature

The “hand” symbol doesn’t appear when you move the cursor over something.

When looking at a comment, I can only see IF somebody agreed or disagreed. I can’t see WHO disagreed.

I just agreed with a comment @VDCdriver made. When I clicked the “agree” icon again, my screen name didn’t show up. I actually had to click on @VDCdriver’s name, and click on his agree history, to confirm that I was indeed the most recent guy to agree with him.

Is this new feature to “protect” us from each other?

Ha Ha Ha . . . ?!

I might add that I’m certain the website itself is the problem. I can successfully use my laptop’s arrow keys on every other website I visit. And this is the only website where the “hand” symbol doesn’t appear

I suspect somebody’s been working on “the system” again . . .

Am I on to something?

I’m having some trouble staying signed in today. I expect they must be doing some routine maintenance.

The arrow buttons work today, and the hand symbol is appearing again.

However, I’m having some trouble staying signed in.

Damn those servers . . . !?

I’m also having trouble staying signed in today.

Interesting. The website cannot seem to decide whether I’m logged in or logged out. It’s switching me back & forth as I move through it.

Something is definitely amiss with the site’s software.

It’s kind of a Christmas twinkler with me also.

Tired of saying ie is your problem.

Similar annoyances here.

OK,get firefox, use adlocker and live happy.

See you kids later; I’m going for a cold one and mess with an electronic widget. Tired of logging in; Firefox or not.


Just got a message saying the system is over capacity and cannot process my “request”.
Perhaps it’s time for the web guys to revisit the capacity of the server.

I really enjoy this site better than any other, and please understand that this is not criticism, just feedback.

I agree @mountainbike because I’m having the same issue with “cannot process my request” at times. @Barkydog … I have both IE and Firefox and they both work fine on this website. I agree that IE can get wonky at times but no more so than Firefox as it has issues of it’s own.


Firefox is not the answer

I use it from time to time, and I have the problems, just the same

Much as I may dislike IE, it’s also not the problem

The website is the problem, plain and simple

Also having a problem with staying logged in.

Each time I come here I’m not logged in but if/when I reload the page I am logged in.

delete this late post.

Yeah where does this stuff come from from five years ago and no current comment?

I saw your flag. There was a spam post that was added to this thread, and the system caught it. I deleted the spam, but when the post gets made, the thread still moves to the top as though someone added new comment.

Thanks. That explains it.