Posting issues

Something has happened to the site and it’s making it almost impossible to use.

There is a pop up ad now appearing over the post box, independent of the frames and blocking the post formation box and commands.

Also, the ads are now refreshing and making the posts move around so much it is very difficult to scroll. Nothing has changed on my end. All my other forums are still working as they had in the past.

No problem here .

I haven’t seen that issue

The only change I’ve seen as of recent is when opening unread option it jumps around a lot and may or may not bring you to the right post
And it’s harder to select text. Using an Android.

I only noticed this when I opened up the first time this morning, but there was a black X in the upper right hand corner of the ad that made it go away

Hi @TwinTurbo what are you using to browse the site? I’m sorry to hear that and if I can get the info I will pass it on.

I noticed that I am getting an ad on iPhone on the bottom sometimes that interferes with my being able to see some things, but it has an X in it.

Anybody else?

No problem here as of now.

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Yes, this is one of the annoyances. On my Samsung Android tablet, the target is minuscule and no amount of tapping around it makes that pop-up go away. On my laptop, running Chrome, I can dismiss it by pressing on the corner X. The biggest issue is the tablet. It’s almost impossible to scroll through the responses as scrolling is interrupted by ads refreshing. Your current location stops scrolling then moves when the ad completes as it displaces post content. Sometimes, I cannot even get to the bottom of a post string…

So far so good on Chrome on Android.

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No problems on Android phone running Chrome as of Friday 6/26.

Safari on iPad. I have the ad box at the bottom of the page and can remove it by tapping the x. Can also get around it by scrolling down. It hides the reply button when the reply box first opens. I can also change the size of the reply box by tapping the show/hide preview button. Decreasing the size of the box means I can scroll out of the ad.

Thank you, everyone. I sent this info along to our website gurus.

To clarify, I do see ads, some within the topic threads between posts, some at top or bottom of the screen, but none overlaying or blocking view of forum content. Android phone running Chrome.

No problem here, but I don’t have a smartphone ur tablet.

Got it. Thanks for clarifying. The first step is usually trying to duplicate the issue.

Sometimes there are platform-specific issues and someone far smarter than I figures it out. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Happens to me occasionally. Happened just a minute ago. Ad blocked the posting area. Chrome on Android.

Huh. Thanks. Android is the common thread, I think. :+1:t2:

Unable to use site for past week. Screen format ptoblem
. Android cell phone. Fyi.

Unable to log out also. Anroid cell and chrome.

Hi George, I understand your access may be limited, but do you mean by screen format problem that, for instance, you can’t see the reply button, or reply box, or some other feature? Is it a problem with the ads?