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The site is broken

These past few days this site has not allowed me to post a reply with a photo uploaded into it. It’ll upload the photo, but will not then allow me to scroll down to the button necessary to post it.


Uh oh. Is anyone else having this problem? Are you using a desktop? (I️ believe you do but I️ assume nothing.) this is a test from mobile.

I am good, but I use firefox, Internet explorer could be your issue.

it possible that the software on the site has been so evolved toward mobile devices that it’s no longer possible to use the features of the site on a desktop?

I should add that I can add a photo to an original post, but not to a reply where I’ve “quoted” a line from the post that I’m responding to.

I’m going to play with it some more. If I come up with any more information, I’ll post it.

NOTE: this is a test post.

It failed. No scroll bar for the left side of the REPLY box to get down to the bottom of the box and hit the REPLY button. I had to delete the photo to post this reply.

I️ assure you that the site is not supposed to be geared solely toward mobile devices or tablets. I’ll try it in the morning on my computer to see if I️ can replicate the error. Thanks for your reply and I hope others will let me know if there is a problem for them, too.

Photo test;

2000 Neon

No problem here.

You gotta get that iPhone fixed, Carolyn. The update is available for the capital I now. Looks like I can upload images. iPad, OS11, Safari.



Working for me from a laptop

Quoting and uploading works for me.

Sometimes restoring computer to an earlier date will clear problems like that. You may have faulty data from an update.

I enlarge the pages a lot and that can mess up the sidebars on the page. Ctrl+scroll up or down on a touch pad. Or your browser is acting funky.

Yes my back gets sore, that is why god made chiropractors.

Test picture.TestPicture

Works for me, too. Ancient iBook G4, TenFourFox browser.

Still works!

BTW, Carolyn, did you update your new iPhone yet?

I don’t have a touchpad.

Maybe it is outside of your screen resolution, try holding the control (Ctrl) key down, then hitting the - (minus) key to zoom out a little.

You may have offered a solution, but the symptom is brand new so clearly something has changed. I guess I’ll just have to keep playing with it. I always had the ability to post a photo in a reply without an issue, and have done so countless times.

No! I️ can’t download the update! So embarrassed.

I’ve been doing some playing around, and it seems what I’m losing whenever I add a photo is the vertical scroll bar on the left side of the two adjacent reply windows. I’ll keep playing, and perhaps I’ll find the answer.

Nope. Just tried again, And again I lost the scroll bar. Sigh.