What happened did the website get a facelift

Or am I just dreaming? LOL

Facelift. No longer will we have to have a large red square flash on our computer screens as we move through the site.


Kudos to the web people.

Nope, that’s not a dream, Blackbird. Facelift, lipo, the works. Let us know if you’ve got problems. I think the kinks were worked out this morning. (And you’re welcome, Mr. Mountainbike.)

I’ll have to reserve my judgements until after I can see it as it maybe should be. Looks like crap on this machine.

I tried to attach a screenshot, so you could see just how bad it ooks, but I can’t even do that. /sigh

Wait, what happened when you tried to upload the screenshot? (Step by step, text of error messages, etc most welcome - I’m going to get asked for all that.)

Nice me likey

Oh boy…here we go

I just hit the “Attach a file” link, and nothing. There were no messages, no errors, absolutely nothing. I’ll e-mail the shot home to post from there, but I won’t be home until late tonight. With luck, I won’t be so exhausted I forget. :slight_smile: I could e-mail it, I suppose…if I had an address to send it to.

carolyn@cartalk.com, por favor!

Comment: LOVE the “popular tags” listing. That is a real, palpable, asset.

Yes, it is an improvement in appearance.
For a few hours this morning, when I was getting repeated messages of “You are not authorized…”, I assumed that something of this nature was going on. Luckily, the site has been restored to service and it looks good.

Still having a problem with posting a comment on occasion. The length of the comment seems to have a bearing on the problem, but it seems to be more due to timing. I find that after the timeout on an unsuccessful attempt, I hit post again and it goes up immediately.

It appears that it posts immediately or not at all. I think that length only increases the likelihood of missing the window.

I too have noticed that it “times out”. But now that I know it does that, it won’t be a problem.

Overall I think the new site is a huge improvement, and it’s clear that the web folks have actually listened to our comments. If my ex had listened this well we’d probably still be married!

Now that I’m home, and can check it out a bit better, I do like the new look better. I never did like all the red, anyway, but wanted to participate, and the red was what I had to put up with. Personally, I still think there’s too much red, but the fade is a nice effect, and I can scroll so it’s not all red.

Never had a problem. Firefox, adblocker, McAfee, sorry for your pain, but how many times do I have to repeat this?

Nicer appearance but still has glitches with posting. As a matter of fact, this post is being done with the site showing that I’m not even logged in.