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Site redesign

ALL the red is way too bold and bright. It overtakes everything. Light blue and overdone blood red, not a good combination either…


It’s never easy to get used to change but the Red has been part of the logo for as long as i can remember. Doesn’t bother me one bit. Everything else seems to be working well. Maybe we got too used to the ketchup and mustard color scheme.

I am just glad something is being done, and in my mind that means the site will continue. The site continuing is more important than too much red for me. I can deal with it.


Omg, just opened notifications. Somebody has stock in red pixels. It’s actually impacting the ability to read it comfortably imo. Been on this site since it started, saw many changes, never complained. This stinks…sorry.

Omg, just opened notifications.

Agree too much and too bright make’s it hard on the eye’s

I don’t understand why we need to do any of that. Why not be civil and keep things on topic?

Where is the fun in that ?


Personally, I don’t mind any of the changes; I think it is great the site is being tinkered with.

Is it just me or is the top bar beginning to fade?

I see no change.

Have you been to your opthalmologist recently?:wink: In all seriousness, tho, the big red bar seems slightly darker.

That may be it but it is now different than the bottom bar they used to be the same shade too BRIGHT,

I don’t have a bottom bar

Doe’s anyone else have a bottom bar? Before it it went to suggested topic’s and that was the bottom of the page now it is the car talk information after the suggested topic’s.

No bottom bar.

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I thought all the red was an attempt by the designers to move the age of participants younger. It has been know for years that red and red orange are hard on older men’s eyes.

Pontiac deliberately went to red orange lighting at one time in an attempt to shed their old mans car image.

A local bank has overhead signs inside printed in red on a gray background, the letters are large, but I can’t read them.

Speaking of Car and Driver, their magazine has increasingly harder to read due to decreasing font size, increase in gray rather than black print and printing text on colored background or graphics.

I remember when I got my first Car and Driver, I has subscriptions to both Sports Cars Illustrated and Sports Car Graphic and suddenly Car and Driver replaces one of them. I loved the battles between Brock Yates and David E Davis.

I see it but had to scroll down farther than I normally do.

Good I was begining to think I was seeing thing’s after other’ said they did not have it.

Studebaker’s Avanti used red lighting for its instruments for the same reason that US Navy submarines are illuminated in red prior to surfacing. Our eyes adjust to darkness MUCH more rapidly if they were exposed to red lighting just prior to being exposed to darkness.


With cars, red illumination for the instruments can actually help your eyes to adjust to the nighttime view through the windshield after looking at the instrument panel.

As an over the road trucker in poor visibility conditions like nightly blizzards North of Syracuse up to Watertown, we used to turn OFF the dash lights and even carried black electrical tape to cover up the edges of the side marker lights on the trailer so they did not shine in our mirrors. It really helped if you did not smoke because nicotine really makes you night vision
fade out,

My eyesight used to be exceptional, they would measure my vision at 20-10 but that was only because that was the smallest line on the chart, but I could tell you who manufactured your chart because it used to say so at the bottom in much smaller print.
Alas diabetes and age have taken their toll and I am lucky to have good enough vision to avoid restrictions on my license.

Because we got a different tractor every trip, red illumination was not possible.