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The new site fornat

I hate it. The goal is to help people solve their problems, not to navigate around the bright red (with blue lettering) site, that blinding and time consuming new approach. It seems as time goes on the site requires more time navigating, time that could be spent helping people.

The bright red is blinding, by the way. You may want to reconsider the background color.

I know you folks are working to make improvements, but IMHO this is not one.

Gee, I thought it was an error in the system that would be corrected soon. It’s hard to believe that someone would do something so stupid on purpose.

And the red does serve a purpose: It lets your boss know when you are not about his business. The web lackeys are The Man’s slaves too, you know.

I will second this complaint. I know the reason that the index was put first is to force everyone to read it before they got to the meat and potatoes of the site. The trouble is that the lurker has to scroll down on each discussion.

Suggestion: Put the index after the posting. We all can find it at the bottom of the page when we need it.

Excellent suggestion. I hope they follow it.

I will be the third. I thought their server had crashed or something and they reverted to using an old Commodore 64 as backup.

Yeah, this has got to be some kind of server problem on their end. The pages won’t even load under Firefox, load very slowly under IE8…what’s up, Car Talk Lackeys?

If what I am seeing today on this site is a portent of what it will be permanently, then I have to say, BIG mistake!

Why should anyone have to scroll down through that large, blinding red field when accessing every post? I can understand it for perhaps the beginning entry to the forum, but once someone has the list of posts, it seems really dumb to make everyone scroll through the same red field in order to read each and every thread.

If this continues, I predict that many regulars will begin to navigate away from this site.

I had posted earlier about the wacky website with firefox, All is good but it was an intermittent whakco thing. But things switched between normal and wacky. I think it is a firefox thing, As I recently upgraded to 7 I can’t give you the exact steps but turn to 0 the days to keep pages in xp, or try google chrome.

I don’t know how I am missing this, but the site hasn’t changed for me. I do go in through a direct bookmark to “recent discussions” though - ?

Suddenly, my bookmark just brings me to a red page, forcing users to scroll down 3 or 4 pages before the topic index appears…Please, put the web page designers back in their cage…

I tried loading the forum in IE, but it’s still the same as in FF. Maybe if I turn my monitor on the side I won’t have to scroll so much, but it’s still a pain.
I, too, hope this is some weird error on the site. They’ve lost quite a few regular posters because of the switch to the new format. If this is a new “feature”, many more regulars will leave

This web page for car talk has not changed…book mark it

Definitely broken - in a big way.

Set pages in history to zero, Yes it is an intermittent firefox flaw, close out and go in again, Try chrome, I know it is frustrating but it is an issue.

This just plain sucks.

Why can’t you leave well enough alone?

I tried getting on the site a few nights ago, and the page wouldn’t load. I tried again tonight and it worked, but I got the blinding red background thing also. If they were going to shut the site down for a while, I wish it were to improve things, not complicate things. I originally thought the site was corrupt somehow and had trouble finding the list of recent posts. This is a little frustrating, but I’m glad I can help people again.

That one also loads badly for me, large red area requiring several page scrolls down. I’ve been using IE8 for a long time, no problems, but now BOOM. Not working right.

It is a browser specific issue, not the website.

If so, why the sudden change on both computers I use? On IE, not Firefox?

I went through the trials and tribulations also, but 2 days ago we upgraded computer and all is well, but going through it it seemed bizarre and inconsistent as to when it would happen, closing out or changing browsers would help, I have win 7 pro now but remember my win 98, and xp conspiracy theory that things just deprecate to the point you give up and upgrade.