Has anyone else noticed

… that “bolding” and italics are not working on a consistent basis?

@cdaquila: Can you look into this technical issue?

seems to work fine here…although I use CTRL + B/I not the buttons. Although I tried to bold your quote and that seems to not have worked. (And I tried to bold the 2nd sentence so it seems like Bold isn’t working (although it works in the post preview)

Bold didn’t work for me earlier using the built in controls above the text box

Never knew they were there. Or bold. Guess bold doesn’t work-or maybe it does?

Interesting though on an edit, the bold shows up in the preview box. If I want to yell though I’ll just capitalize everything, but I don’t yell much anyway.

Worked in the preview but for some reason isn’t showing up when you actually post

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… but then, sometimes it will appear… later…
Definitely not consistent.

Thanks, guys. I will pass this test of bolding on. This is a test of italics.

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Thank You!

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How Bold of YouPreformatted text strong text never mind

I am not paying the rent this month if the utilities are not working.


I am not able to create a new topic, the red banner at the top of the page is in the way and I can’t scroll out from under it. Also the look of the site has changed today into an odd vertical format so that I have to click, scroll and click again to open community. The topic problem has been going on for a while.

Hi oldtimer, I have now seen your private message and I will check it out.

Is anyone else having an issue with the red banner that oldtimer is?

@oldtimer-11 is this on the page when you’ve clicked the new topic button?

Yes it is, if by new topic button you mean the + sign.

You might try holding ctrl key then tapping minus button, if you want to make the page bigger ctrl key and plus button. Looks ok for me.

Thanks Barkydog, thet was it, my page was just enlarged too much.

I wish there was a website for computer question as helpful as Cartalk. I have two Macs for Dummies books that are useless to me because I lack even the basic vocabulary to understand what they are talking about.