Site redesign

Reminds me of Christmas :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

Does everything need to be red? So much red. Sorry but gets the thumbs down :-1: from me. Are the IT guys really that bored?

But how can the boss tell that you’re screwing around on his time if there isn’t a garish red banner? :blush:


On the main page of the Community site there should be space between the links above the Red Banner for and the others .

iOS Safari shows the change.
Though Cinco de Mayo was displaying as Quattro de Mayo!

Mine changed over today like other’s have said too much red.


@PvtPublic … It would be out of character of me if I didn’t try to steer this thread into the weeds at least one time, but I used to think your icon was a tachometer, but upon further inspection today, it now looks to me, to be a wind up clock from an airplane? Is that correct?

I feel like I recognize it because my Grandfather made a little desk mount from sheet metal and wood to hold a small clock just like this. It used to sit on a side table in between the La-Z-Boy and our couch and I used to look at and wind this clock every week, all through my youth.

I can vividly recall staring at the minutes ticking off, getting closer and closer to when I had to leave for my long walk to school in the morning. Sometimes I watched in dread, sometimes I watched impatiently, but watch I surely did as that thing faithfully clocked the time. I will never forget it. Now I need to find out where that thing got to… I miss it.

It is a clock, out of a WWII F4U Corsair. I have not acquired one yet but I will !! I mean the clock not the Corsair. :slight_smile:

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Let me support others saying that UI designer went a little bit overboard with RED.
That’s the most expensive color when bought by gallon, should we recommend some cost-saving measures here? :slight_smile:


Gotta agree on the red being a bit much. I didn’t mind the hearts but I can see where the thumbs would be more “guy friendly.” They’re “likes” either way.

Can the amount of newly added white space on the page be reduced? There is a lot of it.

Just got the new site today… the header doesn’t display correctly on my android tablet. By header, I mean the above the big red bar. Haven’t checked my PC yet.

I don’t think there is more white space , I think the box around posts just make it seem like it.


Thanks for the feedback, everybody. I will have to check it out on a laptop, but on mobile there doesn’t seem to be too much white space. We did go back to thumbs up. As for the red — yes, the top is a major contrast to the old layout. And the buttons on the bottom are also red. Barkydog Is right. I thought I was the only one who called the old layout ketchup and mustard.

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Years ago Car and Driver (magazine) revamped its layout, lots of red with yellow highlighting. I wrote to complain, saying they should use them sparingly, like ketchup and mustard, not sprayed all over, like whipped cream on a pie. They published it, answering “Shut up and eat your pie!”


Oof. We’re a little too nice for this at Car Talk.

(Edited to clarify this was in reply to @texases)

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With all the red here, I’m starting to think I’m at a MAGA rally.


Ok, if we can’t be obnoxious to each other, can we start talking about politics and religion? ( I can see you shaking your head from here and giving me that “I’m disappointed in you” look) :wink:

@old_mopar_guy All I meant is that I can’t be that obnoxious. If you want to be obnoxious… :slightly_smiling_face:

But to all who have chimed in, could you please give me some suggestions about making it more appealing to you? Is it the red edit button and red scroll the overkill? The top bar too big/shade too bright? I’ve passed on the comments, but it always helps to be more concrete. Thanks.

To me it is the top bar and the very bottom that did not used to be there other than that I like it.