Site redesign

Seems like some tweaks were made to the site today (at least the mobile version). So far so good.

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Thank you for the comment. Glad you like it.

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I thought I noticed something different but couldn’t put my finger on it. I was about to re-boot.

Cool. Hopefully it fixes the periodic issue of clicking the link for a top discussion and it brings you to a totally different post.

It must be only on the mobile version (that I don’t have) but I see no difference otherwise.

Windows 10, Chrome, on a desktop it’s different

I like it. More colorful and the silly hearts are now thumbs.

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I did not notic the heart is now a thumb, cool, also when looking at a post there is a site feedback button, The big red bar is now across the whole top, I have not noticed anything else.

I use a laptop with windows 10 chrome and see no change.

I still have the heart’s,

I like the box for each message. It’s easier to see the post date/time.

When scrolling on smart phone and the topic title shows up on the red bar you can select the bar and it will take you to the beginning of thread. I don’t know if it did that before.

I’m on a Mac desktop with Firefox and I see the changes. I hate changes for change sake, but I do feel the thumbs up is far more appropriate.

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I actually liked the hearts. They made me feel loved :slight_smile:

I hear you but love is another one of those letter words, like golf and hate and pain and…

This is just a personal opinion, but the top header line in BOLD RED…is hideous. Too much RED all together in general.

Please, please revert back to a color scheme that is less of an ocular assault and or does not enrage and or attract The Fighting Bulls of Pamplona, Spain.


Forget what site, so much red and yellow I called it the ketchup and mustard site in my mind, yes a lot more catsup.

I hear you on that @Barkydog… Colors aren’t just a personal preference, they have an asthetic and are actually a language all their own.

Right now the current color scheme has me uncomfortable… It has me thinking of danger and about the Red Cross doctors and nurses in war time. I cannot escape the feeling of something impending and urgent going on unseen.

In essence the site is screaming at me like capitol letters…demanding my immediate attention all over the place, and many of those places are mundane and not an emergency, which has the effect of being unsettling.

Red has its uses and its places…and imho the present use is confusing and its place should not be geographically “all over the place”.

Your results may vary but I have a problem with Red Overload… I always have, I’m sorry if I am offending anyone. That is not my intent, however, if I did mean to offend, I would have written it in Red or capitol letters, however. See what I mean?

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[quote=“Honda_Blackbird, post:18, topic:163877”]
if I did mean to offend, I would have written it in Red or capitol letters, however. See what I mean?

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And don’t call me Shirley!